BTW this is what PH gets for been stubborn , he should of apologised for the statement the press would of gone easier on him. All this is payback for the stupid statement. Yes total lies on the Press behalf but they have him by the short & curly ‘s . Just come out and say they not together this is coming to wreck him for years to come . Stupid old fashioned decisions with the Dont explain don’t complain policy . Sometimes all it takes is the truth . Most public believe he’s in a relationship


Yes he needs to end it anon and the BRF have played the nice guy thinking that she would go away but now they need to play her game and Harry needs to make it clear by showing his face out to the world when she places BS trip stories. Lets see what they do now that our friend MM with her mother have overshadowed Diana’s 20 year anniversary.

Have a great day anon.


Nope! No more statements, stop the crazy and start the break up narrative. I’m talking press and they know it.