Do you think that Meghan Markle Will Break the Internet Tomorrow?

I don’t think so; she has an 8-hour difference with the UK. Anon reminded me you couldn’t go out and buy anything for the party because everything is closed except for Walmart and Target.

Will Pit stain crazy fans be let down once again? I think so, and we have to remember Harry wanted his son to be a very private person. So his lunatic wife names a charity after him?  So much for private life, right, Harry?

You got a book coming out to release all the juicy secrets thanks to that pit stained wife of yours.

Harry, someone on MM side have been talking Enty, the entertainment lawyer who said that your wife has been sending pages and pages of material to a friend as a tell-all book.  Where the hell was you when this was happening?  You have a degree of fault in this nonsense. I doubt the press is going to let you slip by unscathed.

I would get a DNA test if I were Harry. 🥰