Divorce or Annulment…

We all know this train wreck of a merching, smiling, banana writing, banana bread baking, and tea throwing mess will end—only a matter of when not if.

So will it be divorce or annulment?

Harry is a mess, but he is so far down the bunny boiler rabbit hole, he can’t think or even give a speech properly. But, he is not innocent in this crazed alternate reality which everyone wants ‘neutralised’ asap.

I have a feeling the end is around the corner.

Will MM finally meet her maker (aka HMTQ) and finally be held accountable? Also, where does Archie fit in all this ? (cute name, but I find it an odd choice for a ‘royal’ baby given the history and origin of the name and lack of middle names to pay homage to grandfathers and great-grandfathers)

No royal title for Archie and Queen has custody, so MM is screwed. If she gets to California with Harry, does California law trump UK and Queen’s custodian rights? Surely MM won’t get a dime or huge payday? Will she lose title along with HRH when this marriage ends?

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I just love that you mentioned the bunny boiler! Those were the days of fun!

Can’t get the milk for free!  MM made that abundantly clear before that relationship was outed.

I’ve noticed that MM seems to throw Harry under the bus by saying he is sappy about his mum, then pap shots by splash news and back grid.  Harry wanted to sue them over the country bolthole. So he has no clue, or he’s in on it.

There isn’t an ounce of evidence that Harry and MM went to Florida. If they were paid, you bet your ass that pictures would be all over the internet for that price. It was for prison reform, which nobody gets. It’s fake news.

Little Archie, I feel as though she is holding him, hostage, it’s a feeling I’m getting to make the cart go.  There is no telling who the father is but Harry seems to think it’s his. We know about the surrogate. We know she went to Toronto in August and fell off the grid. Rumors says she met a Harry looking person, and she hooked up at Jessica Mulroney’s.  The name Archie came from the show Riverdale.

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MM has wishful thinking.

I do think California will fight the order against the Queen for custody, but MM wants to use him for merching opportunities. It’s a 50/50 if she will relinquish custody. Archie is a piece of negotiations for the Red Queen.  It all depends on much Harry wants the little tike.  I can see that MM would say she signed it under duress and that she is the mother. In the US, mothers always get custody. The court in the US would laugh at such a document.

I do know that many have said she wouldn’t get a dime out of the monarchy.  I think you’ve underestimated her. She has always been five steps ahead. With her team that has been there since day one will tear the monarchy apart, thanks to Harry driveling about BRF. She’s got a royal book on her side.

How can you get an annulment after having a child? DNA

The best bet is to show the people that she is disgruntled manic, and everything she says is a lie. I’m sure the palace can run that campaign.

It’s going to happen soon, MM got ants in her pants.  The two-year itch.

As soon as this happens I can go on the offensive.

Thank you anon, 🥰JD