sorry JD there are a lot of posts to scroll through! But of course NBC is trying to counter the break up news, it will probably occur just as Suits is going back on. But a pullout? Like a H&M sale advert. How pitiful. Bet Harry and Will are pissed that her pr onslaught shadows their release about Diana’s documentary. No matter – she will be gone soon. 15th is my pick. LOL

oh yeah, I bet they are pissed, got your bet down, sorry about freaking on you, we’ve got trolls, exterminator hasn’t arrived yet, lol 

Future reference, click on the 3 bars at the top, click archive for whatever month you want. When I changed it like that people didn’t like it. also, mouse over and the picture or post enlarges automatically. 

thanks anon

PS: for those Cavill lovers like me,  do the mouse over on Henry, omg yes!