Q Drops! 4169 Schumer (NY-D): Vote by Mail ‘Will Be a Very Important Part’ of Next Coronavirus Bill


Q Drop! 3926 The Truth is Right in Front of You- CBS caught lying again

Welcome to BS 101, the MSM is lying to you again!

This coronavirus is to scare the living daylights out you!

They are making tons of money, labeling everyone COVID, and charging 13,000 dollars per patient.

All the while the Dem’s try to pass ridiculous bills under your nose

CBS the woke channel of lies! They depicted ICE Agents as white supremacists who hate Mexicans. That is not true! They are following the law as set down by congress.

Everyone hates a line jumper, and that’s what illegal aliens do. Many people from around the world apply to come to our country legally! They wait for years to come. Why should illegals get anything?  You have to think outside the box to see the bigger picture.  People may arrive on a tourist visa and stay or a student visa etc. We are watching for terrorists, and you may not know how many attempts to kill us are thwarted.  The FBI is on top of this, along with ICE.




Anon said: Trump – Food Stamps

Anon said: Trump – Food Stamps

More than 2.5 Million Households Drop Off Food Stamps Under Trump

That’s great! People are employed and have a sense of wellbeing. They can put gas in the car and venture out to spend some of that hard-earned money at small businesses.

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Anon said: America – Unemployment

Anon said: America – Unemployment

Unemployment Falls to Lowest Level Since 1969

I’m thrilled to back the best candidate for President of the United States of America!!! Trump2020 LandSlide!!
I was delayed by the cable man hooking up the streaming at my new address, and I had…

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