Making a Murderer- Netflix

We are all cooped up and what a better time to catch up on programs you missed and some that you should’ve to have watched.  I give you my first recommendation Making a Murderer. This extremely addictive series highlights Steven Avery, an innocent man and a hell-bent police and justice department that will do anything to lock Steven Avery up for life.

Steven was picked up for rape, assault, and attempted murder sent to prison. Now, he had managed to piss off some woman off who was friendly with the police department and that’s how he got railroaded. You just can’t make this shit up! Later, the innocence project looked into his case and they overturned the conviction on one pubic hair that belongs to another. Other police departments told Manitowoc Police they had the wrong man.

With Steven’s release, he really didn’t have a choice but to sue the Manitowoc Police Department. Well, heaven’s to Betsy you can’t do that without getting railroaded once again. He was suing them for millions.

The Manitowoc police department pinned a murder on him and his nephew who is socially and mentally deficient. They actually wanted the boy to testify against his uncle.

Well, things quickly added up in my opinion, Where is all the blood?   Where is the DNA on the bed? How could they allow the testimony of a child, you have to watch the coercion it’s unbelievable.  I won’t give it all away, but you do have to watch this, it’s really good.  I’ll never step foot in Wisconsin.

If you like to contribute to Steven’s legal defense here is the link above.