Express~ Prince Andrew breaks protocol~ GB will be successful whether we stay or go



Exposing Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle is one way to salvage Harry, but I doubt such exposure looks like jail. Clean and quick. They may just let her divorce him walk away. I don’t think there is going to be a kid, but I have been wrong before.


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Expect the unexpected is the quote this weekend.  We’ve have been told before they won’t expose MM but who knows for sure as we get into the home stretch.

It all depends on how merciful they want to be to the charlatan grifter who thinks she has superpowers the real powers will step aside and let her fall hard, and that’s the backers!  You have to think outside the box, Soho House is chump change compared to these power brokers.

The race baiting isn’t going to work, the narrative that these powerhouses have created will fail.  We need to stand together and say, oh hell no!  It’s all a giant lie to get people fighting when we were doing just fine together.

I support Brexit, and I pray that the United Kingdom is released from the evils of the EU.  The refugees were supposed to be Syrian not the continent of Africa!  Wake up! People must be vetted before entering a country; don’t let them change the values and traditions that make the UK unique.

Markle’s attempt to humiliate the BRF  has only made the people love them more a big Fail!  God save the Queen!

This could go either way, but don’t feel a baby in any way.  I hate to say this but miscarriage to save face.

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Anonymous said:Wow! Who the heck knows, JD? If you remember the Steele dossier was taken as proof of Trump being a Russian agent

Wow! Who the heck knows, JD? If you remember the Steele dossier was taken as proof of Trump being a Russian agent. Now even the NYT admitted that the dossier was a piece of garbage. Bob Woodward /who is not a Trump fan by any means/ is now saying that the process of taking unverified info as a piece of evidence must be investigated.
Again, here is the video, please watch this, it’s that important! It’s long, but it’s chilling as well as eye-opening. Friends don’t spy on friends, ever!
Trump supports Brexit!  Let your voices be heard and welcome him as he comes to the UK.
It should be investigated and as Trump knows this is a great travesty of democracy.  Don’t tread on me! That saying goes back to the revolution against Britain, taxation without representation, no voice and the same is happening in Europe.
Good for my cousins in the UK for voting to Exit Europe. Fight for the right!
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Amazing Katie Hopkins Tweets part three

Isn’t Doxing Illegal?

Well done!


Amazing Katie Hopkins Tweets! Part one

Katie Hopkins, love her or hate her, she is an amazingly brave reporter available to put her life on the line to inform the world of the goings on with the great invasion of Europe while sending a warning to the US this is what’s coming for you.  I have the utmost respect for her. She is snarky, smart and I love her. Don’t forget to follow her on twitter, facebook.

Mueller Report~ Timing is everything

Read the Mueller report. It doesn’t say what you think it does. Mueller didn’t indict him because a sitting president can’t be indicted. He also says that he didn’t want to say he was guilty because he has not had a trial where he could defend himself. He then goes on to say that only Congress has that authority and they should continue the investigation. He makes it very clear that Trump isn’t innocent, but he doesn’t have the authority to charge him. It’s all there in the report and I think all Americans should read it.

The heavily redacted report we can agree is for national security reasons, and there is more than Russia involved in this, MI6 is engaged. Do you have to ask yourself why the UK is involved? Watch the video I posted.

Great find! it’s long but please watch! UK propaganda machine

You need to watch this, MI6 never wanted Trump to win, he wasn’t expected to win, and Brexit shouldn’t have happened either, but the people have spoken we will not be sheep. Our voices have been heard with our votes, and we demand that the higher-ups respect our decisions and get on with it.  To the Integrity Initiative, I say shove it!  Stop the propaganda farms and paying Hollywood PRs to lay plans out for the global elite.  They should have got Meghan Markle a job! Or maybe they did, think about it.

Julian Assange gets his extradition hearing on May 2nd, founder of wiki leaks that leaked Hillary’s emails that includes Podesta and Hillbrant and the lot over their insatiable pedo appetites.  That’s draining the swamp in DC and Hollywood.  Why do you think they are attacking Trump so hard?  It’s not because he is gruff; he knows their bullcrap. I believe the Washington elite better watch out.

I’ll make the video sticky on the front page, and I encourage all to watch it, it’s enlightening.

Democrats will find a backlash/political suicide if they continue to pursue this to impeachment.  You will have your chance to go to the polls and vote him out. Personally, I like how things the way they are, better gas prices, confidence, low unemployment.  Those are hard to beat.  I didn’t vote last time, I couldn’t decide, but I know now who I’m going to vote for Trump.  A lesser man would have crumbled; he didn’t, I’m impressed.

Anon submitted: Podesta wikileaks warning sensitive


Judicial Watch: Clinton’t Unsecure Emails

President Trump~ The Coup has failed on a sitting president of USA

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About Winky?

As soon as the anon, mentioned her in their post, I just wonder if she showed up on your blog by any chance, JD? I would be glad to hear from her even if she was a troll, lol. Do you think she was simply trolling us?

Have you heard anything from NYC and Felix? I know many people became totally disappointed with Harry, reconsidered their support for him and moved on with their lives.

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Wink is still watching; they are all on the radar.

No, I don’t think Wink was a troll, she loved Harry, and I know she was as shocked as everyone else how this is unfolding.

Felix is stopping by and not saying anything; we have reached out but nothing.

NYC and her merry band, I think they are close, stealth mode.

That seems to be the narrative being pushed right now; the best thing to do is to stop but stay informed.  We are in some scary times with Brexit.  Pray for the UK that they get Brexit and maybe we will see the charlatan go.  Life hangs in the balance for the next week.

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