Kate has dresses that cost more than 10000 £ . Just to show the relation of the donation. And if the press films your surprinsing visit, it is not a surprinsing visit, it’s a photo date for PR , nothing more. And they are really shameful to do it today


Exactly! Adele was there last night and it was a random person that spotted her. Jamie Oliver was there yesterday morning, but people probably didn’t spot or recognize him (yes he authorized his staff to hand food and shelter at his restaurant). Majority is donating to the red cross (I’m not saying that evening standard isn’t doing an awesome thing nor saying that their fund is bullshit). £10.000 for 600 people that lost all??!! Are you fucking kidding me??

All the money they have, the influence they should have run there to hand out blankets anything and a crappy donation of 10k that’s it! They need to pull their weight