What would it mean for Harry and Meghan to come to Canada


The article to end all articles and from my take away it’s an uphill battle.

There are so many takeaways from this article but I want to give this one because it’s so funny.

No nobility here, please

If Harry wishes to live in Canada and keep his title, he might face another problem: the Nickle Resolution of 1919.

That resolution of Parliament, reaffirmed by the governments of Lester Pearson, W.L. Mackenzie King and Brian Mulroney, effectively bans foreign titles of nobility for Canadian citizens and anyone “domiciled or living in Canada.”

It was used by Jean Chrétien when he was prime minister to deny a peerage to Conrad Black, who renounced his Canadian passport to get around it.

It’s not as clear how that applies to people who already have titles when they come here. But newspaper magnate Kenneth Thomson, who was once Canada’s richest man and who inherited the title Baron Thomson of Fleet, chose to follow it.

“In London, I’m Lord Thomson. In Toronto, I’m Ken,” he told the Globe and Mail in 2006. “I have two sets of Christmas cards and two sets of stationery.”

As for the notion of making Harry governor general, Lagasse points out that it would represent a step backwards in terms of Canada’s sovereignty.

“Since the mid-20th century, we’ve stopped appointing British aristocrats as governor general. It’s now customary to appoint Canadians who are renowned. There’s no legal impediment to it, he could be named, but the justification for doing it would be sorely lacking.”

Lagasse said “the other big impediment is that this is an appointment made by the Queen.”

“If he’s not particularly in her good graces at the moment, then she may not be interested in appointing him governor general of Canada.”

That is funny stuff! I guess you didn’t think about that one Meg! However, I do suspect her main objective was to get Harry to step down from the start.