Gary Janetti works on an animated series about the BRF

Royally entertaining! HBO turns catty fake Prince George Instagram into an animated series about the ROYALS – including Harry and Meghan – created by Family Guy writer Gary Janetti


I’m not trying to be a Debbie downer, but…

The BRF’s methods are not working. Their plans were never going to succeed when they were never meant to work. You see, THE truth always comes out. The BRF’s only hopes are people who have their eye open to this nonsense happening before their eyes, but the fact that the BRF has to resort to subtle signs and “insider” messages is what’s going to turn people off. Notice I said “off,” not “against” them. The BRF’s worst enemy is not Markle nor her benefactor(s); it’s apathy. And by the time the public is apathetic towards Markle, they will be apathetic towards the BRF as well. Whoever came up with this plan to destroy the BRF played the game with more layers than the BRF anticipated. That wedding was a trap, and Harry ended up sacrificing his soulmate for a wedding to a charlatan. How so very pitiful it all is. My advice for the BRF: You can never defeat a lie with a lie, for that is as foolish as fighting darkness with darkness. It’s the truth that will prevail, for light will reduce darkness into a mere shadow. -Roseberry

Thank you, RCC for your opinion🌺🌺🌺🌺

BRF celebs?? That is the question

BRF celebs?? That is the question

Anonymous said:
They are using Smeggy’s racy pics to get the amount of damages reduced, not the decision to compensate overthrown. Their logic is that the BRF are basically on celeb level now so they should receive less money in punitive damages. What Meghan did was cheapen the way the courts/public see the BRF, if they are celebs then they get celeb treatment. Of course, public paparazzo pics vs…

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I don’t understand why some US gossip mags are recycling harry and meghan love story over and over again and the never endless PR about meghan’s guest at the wedding.


A lot of people only hear about her though the wedding hoopla. They are now catching up. 

That’s the way this has gone from the beginning. The wedding in Jamaica resulted in more people finding out about her, so we had a lot of catching up articles afterwards. Ditto the Polo pics. Ditto Pippa’s wedding. Ditto the “Mad About Harry” VF cover/article. Ditto the engagement. Ditto the Sandringham pics. Ditto the wedding.

This has been a master class on using the BRF to boost yourself into fame.

I agree with this statement 

Meghan Markle wedding: Germaine Greer RANTS about Prince Harry bride on ITV This Morning

Meghan Markle wedding: Germaine Greer RANTS about Prince Harry bride on ITV This Morning

MEGHAN MARKLE was the centre of debate on This Morning today as feminist theorist Germaine Greer appeared on the programme to discuss the actress’ upcoming marriage.
PUBLISHED: 10:19, Fri, May 4, 2018 | UPDATED: 14:24, Fri, May 4, 2018


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Happy Birthday Henry Cavill and Adele

Happy Birthday Henry Cavill and Adele

A very Happy Birthday to legendary singer Adele and superman star Henry Cavill who are both celebrating their special day on Saturday 5 May. This pair may well share the same birth date, but we imagine they have very different celebratory plans! Adele is now a mother to a five-year-old son…

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