Its over for him

Ed Buck, a Los Angeles political activist and longtime donor to many prominent Democrats, was hit with a federal charge Thursday in the 2017 drug overdose death of 26-year-old Gemmel Moore.

Buck, 65, was charged with distributing methamphetamine resulting in Moore’s death.

Buck was charged earlier this week with causing the overdose of another man who escaped from his West Hollywood home this month. A third man, Timothy Dean, died of an overdose there in January.

Buck’s attorney did not immediately comment.

Here is a guy who is a predator and they did nothing to stop him last time, and I did a post about him. Hell, the internet knew about him and still team Hillary didn’t control him. 

You see this is a compulsion with these sick people, they don’t stop, and they like trophies.  Epstein was never going to quit, pedos never learn. It’s power over the victims that get ensnared in their wicked webs. The police need to find more victims, and I’m sure they are buried somewhere. 

They need to put Buck on suicide watch, no witnesses for team Clinton.

Why do you think he got away with his behavior?  Money, political favors?  It’s worth investigating.

Thank you anon, God Bless America! Drain the swamp!