X17- Hired Paps for Hollywood Harry

This is so funny, okay the first part they are in a car with the engine running shooting shots and then they get closer to the mark.

  1. Harry is looking at the camera, how does he know someone is watching him from a distance?
  2. Why is the dog on a leash?
  3. Where is the other dog they adopted from Canada?
  4. It’s more bullshit on a different day

At one point, he seemed to spot the camera, prompting screens being erected for privacy a short time later. Picture: X17 Photo.

Look at the angle, Hello Mr. Pap!

Not a bad place for self isolation. The couple have been living in the $27.6 million home since March. Picture: Clint Brewer Photography/Backgrid

back grid

At one point, the energetic pooch jumped in the pool to retrieve the ball. Picture: X17 Photo.


Do you see how close they were?


Meghan Markle is making a bad impression ~ anon

Meghan Markle is making a bad impression ~ anon

Anonymous said:
Reading/Hearing so much about MM making a bad impression on this tour both behind the scenes and even in public. Arrogant, abusive to staff, filthy mouth, etc. Harry surely sees this and yet both MM and Harry seem to feel they can be successful despite this behavior? Or is it that they both are getting ready to bail from t he RF and so no longer care? Harry surely must see she…

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