Billy Boy and his buddy Ron Burkle

Billy Boy and his buddy Ron Burkle

Burkle’s usual means of transport is the custom-converted Boeing 757 that Clinton calls “Ron Air” and that Burkle’s own circle of young aides privately refer to as “Air Fuck One.” Clinton himself had arrived on the private plane of another California friend, the real-estate heir, Democratic donor,…

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the Kate wedding cake baker was revealed on March 27 about a month before the wedding. But what else do they have to reveal now about this disaster? So we get cake baker’s. Besides which Markle needs to make friends.

She has nobody, she burnt all the bridges!  Those idiots from Canada, her friend Lindsey, Pyri cause she a thirsty girl. Serena cause she needs someone black.  otherwise, she looks like an asshole throwing out all those race cards. 

Soho house people, will Nick get an invite? Ron Burkle, Caring😹😹😹😹

Fitzpatrick, you know Meghan don’t you? 😹😹😹😹

Screw Suits cast 

Thanks, anon Patience and confidence

Soho house group is bankrupt they always need new money. Soho is a little part of Burkle business. Burkle has the money, not Soho House

Thank you! That’s what I’m trying to link in here, the relationship of Ron Burkle, Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Clintons, Fitzpatrick, Sunshine and the list goes on.  The NBCU connection did pay for awhile.  These highly influential people with a Z-lister. 

MM seems bent on embarrassing the Royal family, she from day one of announcing this love life attacked readers on the DM.  Antagonizing them to no end. Ask Felix he was there along with me. 

I’m looking for the truth.  Why do this, initially for fame and fortune. You got the guy sorta of, why keep doing this? 

Thank you 💜💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

I think there r flaws in the Soho pr/blackm theory. They have hardly used Harry’s name for promo besides the major one last Feb. What exactly have they been getting out of this deal aside from the Feb bailout? There’s issue with Soho blackmailing Harry. Burkle is friend of a friend to Andrew. Burkle->Epstein->Andrew. There r also multiple Soho owners, including Branson. Would Soho risk blackmail Harry he’s an elite client? That would instantly turn away other Elite clientele who go for privacy.

Let’s chat about it, I was talking with ckob she said that Soho got a cash infusion last year of over 250 million pounds, and then on top of that another 3o million pounds to expand the farmhouse. They are hemorrhaging money. Something is not right with management. Some bad deals are going on.

Okay and I have beaten the Ron Burkle association with MM, she accompanied him to the white house when the Pittsburgh Penguins won.  Ron owns 60 % of Soho, he had to get I forget how many millions out whole foods for this disastrous company.  You’re right about the association with Epstein, creepy Ron and Andrew.  

Branson out that was in the beginning and his sister or just his sister.

We hear that Harry is not a member but a guest. 

What the problem is they expanded and didn’t invite the public in. Soho group is so strict on who they let in. They want these unknown actresses, model, reality stars in, they don’t have a lot of A-listers. I almost died when I saw Henry Cavill there for relaunch party. If you want to be exclusive, you don’t expand!  It takes away the mystique. It’s Mcdonalds for wannabees. 

Thank you, Anon 💜💜💜💜💜💜

RE Rupert M and February. I question that. Why? Because he’s a very ruthless man. Anti-Monarchy and very pro-Trump. A widely-believed story is that he wants to destroy the monarchy. If he has BRF-destroying dirt on M, why Feb? He would go for maximum impact, such as after PH/M married and had a baby or two. Yes, he’d be that patient. Unless there’s some serious behind the scenes things going on, why Feb? Unless she’s pregnant and they elope to Scotland. Then….BOOM!

He is very ruthless, but the Royals sell papers that’s a lot of money he’s gonna make off of her. Since this is connected with Ron Burkle and Jeffrey Epstein, this all goes with that uncle Harvey stuff that’s going on. Maybe  Harry protecting her from the fall out that’s gonna happen. The trial is coming up in December.

I agree with you it’s best to get it out now if he’s gonna start dropping bombs.  Let’s not rush the babies they have to get married first.  We already have tips that say that suits is gonna announce the break up in February which is ridiculous. 

Thanks anon 🧡🧡🧡🧡

Wedding in the US? Lol Who will pay for the wedding? Mama Doria, Jess, MA? Highly unlikely, the wedding will take place in the US.

Who knows, Mr. Harry Markle Engleson, she still has her legal married name. Looks like he can have it SOHO House, invited Ron Burkle, hockey team, pimps, joking keg party with a roast chick from Flocks. 

Thanks anon