I think mourningtears may be right. I do believe he burned bridges. Everyone has noticed the family and friends keep a distance from him. He seems not be invited anywhere any more because his friends don’t want her around. Of course, the family loves him no matter what. But we dont know how many times he rejected their help. Maybe he asked for it but it was a bit too late? So, Soho is the place where all his “friends” are happy to see him. They got him.

No, he is doing as he is commanded to do, to get him out of this shit pile. Actually, it’s the entire family that’s there, but we will see what happens. It’s way bigger than some thirsty Z-lister.  

He did go to two weddings with her, that’s not entirely true. IMO they put up with her. 

If you been here for a while, they knew what was happening and chose to don’t explain and don’t complain. We warned them at every corner, and they still insisted it was going to be okay. Now a marriage has happened, the PR is twice as bad. For some unknown reason, it’s beginning to start the ending. 

Again stay off her articles, don’t comment on them and don’t hashtag her, she making money on it. 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎