Netflix- Filthy Rich

I spent the afternoon watching Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich on Netflix. It’s essential to see the emotions in this tragedy. It will make you see they humiliated the victims calling them minor prostitutes.

I feel sorry for the sisters at the beginning of the doc; they got the shaft. You may think, why did they follow Jeff down this road? It’s complicated, but if you don’t have a healthy family, you can fall into the trap easily. You’ve been enticed with money and the thought that someone cares about you, they want to send you to school. No, they just want to rape and molest you. It’s fucking sad, and all those involved should be in jail, humiliated like their victims.

These rat bastards time will come, and MSM won’t be able to cover for them. They are not above the law. It’s not just about Jeffrey but Hollywood power hitters, mega businessman, supermodels, and politicians. Yeah, there are a lot of abusers out there willing to try the illegal acts. That’s where MSM is accusing Qanon of conspiracy theories. They need to wake up and start doing their jobs.  Oprah, Geffen, Disney, Wexner, Naiomi Campbell, just to name a few. Take the blinders off this for real.

Jeffrey hires a dream team with the help of Alan Dershowitz (scum) to threaten with surveillance and slander. It’s not just victims; it’s the journalists that covered this.

It blows my mind how money can buy you everything. I hope Jeffrey is rotting in hell. Let this be a reminder to the politicians out there; We won’t take this anymore!


The article about Weinstein

The article about Weinstein

Now tell me Oprah knew nothing/ never heard anything about Weinstein’s closet life? I lost all the respect for her after the HW scandal. Epstein is a lot worse than Weinstein is. I hope he will be locked up for life … And not just him.…

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Enty the entertainment lawyer~ Lolita Island Jeffrey Epstein

Enty the entertainment lawyer~ Lolita Island Jeffrey Epstein

Today’s Blind Items – Caught UpIf you think the wealthy pedophile has some names he can bring into the mix, you have seen nothing compared to the names the A+/A list mostly movie actress can drag into an investigation. In…

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