No way? They did spy on Trump? Didn’t they?

No way? They did spy on Trump? Didn’t they?

Comey’s inside man at White House emerges as DOJ inspector general finalizes FISA abuse report.

Yep!!! Micheal Horowitz is about to bust a cap in his ass August 15th, yippie!  What Comey did took lots of balls and Buzzfeed…

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Dan Bongino Show Liberal Hoax Exposed- Bomb shell

That was intense!  We showed the college kids screwed up the other day. I trolled the liberals on @realDonaldTrump twitter with Don’t send your children, and even tumblr couldn’t escape my wrath. I was called racist, and a cee you next Tuesday. They refuse to listen to the truth!

Sean Hannity said that even if Trump cured cancer, they would find something wrong with it.

Has everyone gone insane?

I have friends of all the colors of the human rainbow, and they are my friends. I refuse to compartmentalize them, and neither should you! Don’t allow people to bully you into this disgusting anarchist attitude; it’s wrong.

Americans are known as a Heinz 57, aka Mixed race, that’s who we are, Americans.  Shut the front door Hillary and George!