So according to The Times London Harry and Megsy are being sent to a not yet decided African country with a note yet decided job but something charityish. So exile. And they say for 2-3 yrs. So until she leaves and the scandal dies down. He’ll be bald and 38 yrs old totally irrelevant when they let him back.

well, i say don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Maybe if that happens we can all move on from this shit. it has gotten to be too much.




Dear JD
I am a professional business woman who has as you know been fighting for the truth in this matter for two years now alongside you. I wish to publicly state you are the utmost professional alongside Vintage and I find the current wave of online attack on not only your person but your family and business is totally unacceptable. Your treatment is pure aggressive harassment which is a…

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Listen Up!

Sorry, but there will be profanity.

It was brought to me attention that there are people reading this website, and purposely picking out posts to attack us with. Her fans, thought a post i made, was racist. I AM 100% BLACK!!! They want to report the website over a fucking JOKE! Really? Since they want to read and report, that was from a popular tv show from the 90s called Martin. Which is a BLACK…

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Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On The Way Out!

i recall back in beginning ppl tried get background info. one story as to where her mother was due to mia. smeg told friends her mom was a model which was why mom had to travel for work andnot see much of. prison? also younger years when a few girls saw her mom smeg was the one that stated doria was their family maid. even young narc was trying to manipulate who she was v. who, where and what she really is. new stories claim wants to move to canada cause staff ‘hate’ her. L.A.
Yup! We have heard that. She can leave. Give up her title and she can go. Bye! lol