Jussie Smollett and the connection to Meghan Markle

First, off a little background, I was led to politics by watching a video on Youtube, they said that George Soros was paying Hollywood to run this wokeness campaign.  This led me down a rabbit hole from Metoo to the TimesUp, then that led me to CAA (creative artist agency).

That’s weird because I got an IG post that said, just ran into Meghan Markle at CAA.  Isn’t she with Gersh, I thought. That was back in 2017. The wedding invites turn out to be a text sent to CAA stars. Even Reese Witherspoon responded she didn’t know the girl why she would go. Oprah, George and Amal and most of those stars are from CAA.

The talk of the internet is that Kamala Harris is involved somehow. I guess once they find the emails and texts they are looking for, all hell is going to break loose. But I can tell you Obummer is connected to Kim Fox that let him go with a slap on the wrist.

CAA is running a hate campaign against this president and Meghan Markle should shut her mouth.



Here is the conspiracy LOL

Here is the conspiracy LOL

Gayle King announced that she would have the US exclusive with baby Sussex on April 10th and Harry the creep and Meghan the escort announced a private home birth on April11th. I suspect that is not a coincidence.

The thing is Kings morning show is the lowest ranked US morning show so loser Harry is pairing up with loser Gayle and loser CBS. When Gayle did her Meghan Markle princess show CBS lost…

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Race card again?

Wow ! Now Stacey Abrams is using a race card to defend MM? Seriously?!

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJpnV2KYuGQ%5B/embedyt%5D

This Stacey Abrams, the one that a California Resident, Oprah Winfrey went door to door to campaign for? That one?  I’m living in the South.  That’s carpetbagging.

Again, Creative Artist Agency and Sunshine Sachs involvement.  Metoo movement with 22 million…

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Love Here…. Audi Polo and more

Love Here…. Audi Polo and more

Hi JD! Bet you are so excited how is the work going?

What a day. I am not buying that the royals or even Harry are taking money for appearances or skimming the charity donations. People overreacted and took the blind, and the Eden article combined them and got something out of nothing.

The two weirdo tweeters also had some insane stuff up today. That strong write is stark raving certifiably…

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More digging needs to be done

More digging needs to be done

Anonymous said:
Hmm maybe somebody will find out to which agency Gary belongs to. Meghan and her PR people/lawyers are everywhere these days.
Yes, they are! MM is very legitious, hence strong-arming KP at the beginning for a statement. Remember nightly battles?  Lindsey Jill Roth father is MM’s lawyer in NYC.
Also, I suspect a lot of posts went missing on tumblr, gifs were deleted but still on…

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Anonymous said: Is Meghan a Creative Artists Agency member?

Anonymous said: Is Meghan a Creative Artists Agency member?

It appears so; we received an IG post that said MM walked into CAA it was before IG Toronto.  We dismissed it as no way would they take her. Right?   I had to rethink that one now; it’s too much of a coincidence that major players like George, Amal, Oprah, Gayle King, OWN all with CAA.

Reese Whitherspoon received the invite and turned it down as she doesn’t know either party, Enty, the…

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Anonymous said: JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys

Anonymous said: JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys

Anonymous said:
JD what’re your thoughts on The Clooneys appearing, do you think they think MM is really pregnant? Or has GC got some Political involvement and are “ Backers “ He does have SOHO connections, was a Hillary supporter, knows all the big names in UK /US. Were they anti Brexit? , I think something stinks big time. Maybe Amal will represent MM. I think with all these big US names…

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Creative Artist Agency~ Meghan Markle

Creative Artist Agency~ Meghan Markle

Hey, friends, do you guys remember we got a tip that Meghan was over at the creative artist agency. That tip may be true!

George Clooney is a client, and so is Gayle King! Reese Wetherspoon, remember the blind she got invited to the royal wedding? She is with CAA.

It pays to dig around!  This…

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