Kate and her 24 hour tour

The Duchess of Cambridge arrived at a women’s prison today to meet inmates in the final leg of a three-part trip tour of Britain in 24 hours as she launches a landmark survey on early childhood development.
Mother-of-three Kate, 38, will meet current prisoners at HMP Send near Woking, Surrey, and talk to women she met during a previous visit in 2015, who have since been released and are trying to rebuild their families.



Meghan posts pictures of dog rescue centre visit

Meghan Markle posts two-week-old pictures of dog rescue centre visit on the same day Kate Middleton launches landmark child welfare campaign

Meghan is jealous of Kate and always tries to upstage her.  She hates it that Kate will be Queen one day and she will always be just Meghan, the z-list actress and con artist who is married to a minor royal.

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lovenowayworld – DM Article – MM Influencing KM

lovenowayworld – DM Article – MM Influencing KM

lovenowayworld submitted:


this article is full of tons of product placement so DM making book.  And there are some nasty insinuations about Kate plus the suggestion Meghan is influencing her style.  LOL   Yeah meticulously dressed Kate is influenced by slob Meghan

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