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Prince William/Rumors

Wow, have you read the top comments on this article? Everybody thinks that Prince William cheated on Catherine are true.

I saw some this morning, and I don’t really care, but people are entitled to their opinions and thoughts even if I disagree with them.  That’s freedom of speech which I will defend fiercely.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎

Anonymous said: William and Kate haven’t seen the baby yet.

William and Kate haven’t seen the baby yet. Meghan’s mouthpiece is also lying about William and Kate meeting Archie today. He does and says what Meghan wants him to say. Harry and William were maybe once close but those times are over. William knows Harry made a mistake by marrying this attention seeking woman who constantly leaks things to press. Must be annoying for William who really tries to protect his family and their privacy.
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Thank you anon, I agree with you, we watch the press for this meeting. 🌸😎

Hello~ Kate spends the day with Scouts

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Tumblr Anon Said: So fed up with MM constant leaks

I’m so fed up with MM constant leaks especially to rip kate. Ever get impression MM, and PH are so jealous of Will’s position that they are deliberately using PR as underhanded means to destroy monarch thereby ruin Cambridge’s being higher rank heirs?
All needs done is trace and publish leaks origins Lainey, this new clown, etc. bet all roads lead back to MM. she is getting worse. Where is the new guy stopping it?
BTW non-heirs of the monarch are under BP offices. No more money to douche no heirs or titles.
Yes, they will be under Buckingham Palace like Andrew, Anne, and Edward, everything has to go through the Queens Communication director.
This was set in motion all along when William became a full-time Royal.  Samantha the Panther was there to teach them BP ways which fell on death ears.
The new guy?  You mean, Sir Geidt is only for the Queens Commonwealth only.  Sara Latham, a Former Clinton Aide, is taking over after the baby is delivered to Harry and MM, we heard the baby is being offered a month later into her ninth or tenth month of pregnancy.  After all, she did want to tell the Grenfell ladies back in September that she was pregnant but not before she partied nonstop in Amsterdam.
Right now they are still under KP, but MM is supposed to be on maternity leave?  She is not supposed to have any engagements.  We see a Happy Harry now, and I will be posting his engagements in the near future.
My guess is MM doesn’t have anything better to do than to gossip and drop untruths. Meghan must be going insane in the little bungalow at KP.
JD whisper, Hey Meg, they got your phone bugged and watching you on the computer!  You’re a jealous hag! There I did my juvenile message of the day.
Meghan, you need more Botox and more liquid nose job babe
Thank you anon, JD

MM’s best role to date

Maybe – just maybe – MM was hired by the RF to make Kate look good? It’s certainly worked!! 🙂 LMAO

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Can you imagine if that were true?  The backlash would be like a tsunami.  Nah, to much potential blackmail at stake and considering the source how could they ever trust such a person?  It worked but  nah

Thank you anon 🌸😎

I doubt Harry and William have a problem

I doubt Harry and William have a problem

Anonymous said:

I doubt Harry and William have a problem. When they went through the gate on their way back they were talking and rolling their eyes about mm putting her hands on Kate’s back. They are all playing.

Really? Playing? Can you elaborate?  Thank you anon 🌸😎🥂

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