Hi JD~ It’s lovenoway! Opinion on Meghan Markle

Love here – sorry for the absence but vacations, a small family health problem resolved happily and disgust with the slime oozing out of the covering up RF. Needed a break from the negative energy. Poor baby with that for a mother and a father who doesn’t exactly look terribly paternal.

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Polo today – nothing which shows how Harry and Will interact which seems a big question to me. Kate obviously avoids MM and the poor wee one. Shocking appearance of the baby poorly dressed, really should not have been there too young and where is at least an infant carrier and certainly a hat? LOL

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Meghan got that expensive stroller allegedly where is that? And dear me her appearance at tennis and now polo she has gained a ton and tries to obscure it with that insane tent? A hat at Wimbledon? Hats prohibited in the boxes as they block others view, and who are the alleged friends sitting with her? No celebrity?

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LONDON, ENGLAND – JULY 04: Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, necklace detail, attends day four of the Wimbledon Tennis Championships at All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on July 04, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Karwai Tang/Getty Images)


Well, the farce continues. But it makes the Cambridges shine so I guess the RF cares little. Harry has a liability so what if he sinks with his SH heifer? Covering up a surrogacy though seems so unnecessary – why not just admit she could not carry and avoid the suspicion?


Welcome back, Love! 💖💖💖💖 I’ve been watching and I’m seeing the same BS all over again.  Yes, she is a liability, it’s always damage control as she did at polo, look at me again!  Meg always screws up on purpose, she left VIP waiting! WTF was that all about?

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Meghan stopped by the Army surplus store for the tent dress it doubles as a dwelling, who would buy that fugly dress?  yes, consensus says she doesn’t know anything about babies, most people are still saying it’s a doll.  The baby doesn’t move!

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Mad Magazine, the five-day diaper!  What is that a flour sack?  The kid is dangling.

This was a setup! Splash News, Max Mugby  James Watling is people magazine, the rookie was there and he is good, one of my favorites. Where was Arthur Edward?  He is my all-time favorite photog, I guess they didn’t like the criticism, which was warranted.

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Since this polo season, Meghan is going to watch Harry like a hawk.  There will be more opportunities for her to pap strolls, barf.

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Thank you, Love, we are in for the long haul, but with Prince Andrew being tossed on bonfire maybe Markle might be next. Let’s keep on top of that! 🌸😎💖💖💖


Anon said: Someone’s throwing William under the bus

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry ‘won’t slot in line’ and be ‘controlled’ by Prince William as Fab Four split, royal expert reveals

I could pile on the sensationalism and tell you all sorts of nonsense to keep you coming back for more, but it was always planned that when Harry met his wife, they would be absorbed by BP or CH.

William and Harry were always competitive, but Meghan is a control freak and IMO vindictive. That needs to be watched, and I’m glad they are under BP to allow W&K to blossom at KP because it was told to me, it was like walking on eggshells with MeAgain around.

The press dubbed them the fab four, and the press dubbed MM a vegan she was never a vegan, she chose to eat vegetarian a few times a week.

Hopefully, becoming a mother will mellow her out, LOL

Thank you anon,  🌸😎

Hello Magazine~ Kate and Will visit Cumbria~ Video and photo set


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Look at those Crowds!

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Anon said: Shoot….. I say look at the research

The Rose story is back in DM again. Did Meghan not like the attention the Cambridge kids got at TTC? And of course, DM is removing the comments claiming this is a jealous Meghan ploy which shows someone paid for this story. When does the RF do something to get this jealous dangerous beetch under control? And how about Harry? Is he really so jealous of Will and Kate he is allowing his escort wife to do this? What is wrong with the BRF? This is madness; it is cruel, and it is malicious.

Tabloid BS, let’s take a look-see  together written by Katie Hind and Jack Newman

Katie wrote last night rubbish but informative about Izzy May and Markus Anderson, so I’m not sure of the motive behind this.

She also did the Serena Williams articles which we know the Sussex’s aren’t living there, PR for Serena, I’d say, but a player in this comedy of errors.

This is so rich! It goes with the Hollywood left-wing agenda, and I laugh at this one, I now suspect Jack of running the leads down  of the players.

Now for Jack Newman, I have to say he is a hard-hitting reporter that brings all sorts of topics to the table. I found this after a good scroll.

Strange, he did the above article, which is a PR piece for Max George, but I suspect this journo is investigative reporting. He posted this article about new divorce laws, hmm.  This is factual.

Oh, I think some people are doing some research now, and I wouldn’t give the Rose articles much weight at all, if she is headed for Divorce I doubt it will because of the Cambridge’s.

Thank you anon, good time researches this one! 🌸😎

PS: we love our reporters and mean no disrespect to them. God sped to Jack!

Kate and William are fine~ Isn’t anyone Married out there?

I’ve been hearing these nasty rumors that Kate and William are not getting on well, I can confirm that’s bullshit! When you get married and have children, your focus is on children.  What did you want them to do make out?  I’ve been married 21 years and no we don’t hold hands, there are smooches here and there, you trust one another.  That’s the comfort of marriage.

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The lovey-dovey stuff happens in private, and No, there wasn’t an affair with Rose! Good Lord man, please, it was a nasty rumor spread by we suspect MM for this.  No wonder why she got a chilly reception on the balcony.

Here some advice for Meghan Markle, the privacy of the Royal Family is paramount, people who leak the rumors can’t be trusted.  Prince Harry is still with Meghan, and it doesn’t appear to be any break up coming anytime soon.

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The feeding frenzy must stop!  Please realize the Royals are based on rank, and they are stoic and respectful.  Couples must act accordingly.


Meghan Markle is not that important in the scheme of things. She had her time with the whirlwind engagement and wedding. Time to move on and get to work.


The Queen’s children will come first.  It was the Queen’s birthday celebration with her military forces. They act like the military, disciplined!  Something the new duchess refuses to yield too.  Never enter into marriage lightly, you also marry the family, and in this case, the country.

Thank you, JD 🌸😎

Who didn’t know that! Duh

Hi, anon.

Nothing is confirmed at the moment by the palace. At the moment it’s a CLICKBAIT ARTICLE like many which the DM has published on these 2.  If the Palace is going to announce anything will be when they get back from Summer break. At the moment they are focusing on the Trump state visit so we have to wait and see.

Have a great day and thank you for bringing the link.

love felix😊👍🙏❤️

trooping and archie

Express~ One thing Kate would never do that MM will do~ Breastfeeding

This is really funny, and I was just talking about this the other day, I wondered if MM is going to hold true to her word. Imagine if you will the mm whipping out a tit saying I can do anything I want, isn’t that right Harry?  Yes, my Queen, can I go and sit down to pee now?

Petty minded

So even though Shout is a joint project of the DoC and the stage-managed Slutsex crew Megsy only authorized a pic of Her and the puppet. As if those two really do work of substance. And then because Megsy had too much pink water, the pic had to be edited 3 times and changed. See 8-year-olds are managing that account. They are proving what we have been saying. They can’t even manage an IG account, but there is a child they are raising. Dear Lord help this poor tyke.

So W and K have not yet seen the baby well who can blame them for keeping their distance. Momma Megsy spread a rumor with the help of her buddy Lainey that hurt W K and their children.

Everything with this couple is suspicious, so of course, people come up with wild conspiracy theories. Harry and Meghan fan those suspicions with their juvenile behavior.

It remains that there is something so off here with this whole saga. The stink of deception is all about.

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I agree the truth shall set you free are words to live by. This is the reason for all the speculation. Taxpayers have the right to know as their privileged lives are allowed by the people. Something the Sussex’s having quite got that in their head. They can’t pick and choose when they want the press or not.

Media Meg courted the press and for that matter so did Harry, the duo flung hurtful rants at the older citizens, and that also meant the press that tailgate them on their charity endeavors.

That poor baby is correct! I’m having deja vu, sort of PTSD, that Harry suffered unbearable abuse by the war of the Wales. Regardless of the insensitive remarks, this is a breathing baby, a gift from God regardless of its delivery into this world.

Even me, Meghan”s branded troll is asking for people to stop calling the baby fake and the mother is going to prison.  The sugars have to stop ranting at William because it’s not his fault that the Sussex’s chose not to have the baby titled.  We must accept the things we can not change.

Thank you anon, I enjoyed our chat! 🌸🌸😎