Anon said: AOC – Meghan

Just lol

What?? OMG! I got to pee, BWAHAHA!!

The Daily Mail is on to her big time!


Anon said: MeAgain Markle loves the spotlight

MeAgain loves the spotlight. She loves being the center of attention. She edges out everyone else including her husband, the real royal. Privacy? There is NO indication she really wants it. If so, why all the photo-ops, the glamorous front and center roles she eagerly accepts. What she really wants is ADULATION. She is angry and spiteful that she is not getting it! Hence, I am not going to show you, Archie, I am going to lash out at you in the media, I am calling you a bully, I am going to sue you… I hate you… oh smile, I am on camera.

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I’m okay now, look at Me Again! They love me, and I love me! I’m going to win millions from the press I pandered against! Woo Woo! Cha-ching! Artur Chantel must be proud!


Enty, the Entertainment lawyer, speculated that Meghan was holding out for kneepad magazines to pay her Boo Koo bucks for the Archie picture. No offers and a big 🤬 you to the British Press who promoted her for the last three years!


Meghan was never going to conform to the royal way of life, I must have said and had anons tell me this hundred of times.  She has totally screwed the pooch, and tomorrow documentary should be insulting as hell to the British people.  So far, the semi woke couples tidbits are really bad!

Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰