‘I don’t think anyone could have foreseen Harry and Meghan ‘divorcing’ themselves from the monarchy’

Two years ago this week Camilla Tominey was a reporter at Harry and Meghan’s wedding. She reflects on the day and what has happened since


Coronavirus: Harry and Meghan have delayed plans to launch a charity

  •  The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have put all plans to rebrand ‘on ice’ amid crisis
  •  Royal commentator Camilla Tominey, London, appeared on This Morning today 
  • Claimed their plans to launch Instagram charity platform have been cancelled  
  • Coronavirus symptoms: what are they and should you see a doctor?

Googie Submits: Camilla Tominey tweet- Prince Harry

Some light hearted relief~ Prince Jughead and Meathead

Some light hearted relief~ Prince Jughead and Meathead

From the crummy real world news. Our two intrepid morons Harry and Megsy having rejected titles for their kid cause they want him to be normal have spent their evening reading the blogs and DM comments and figured out that this was not a good pr ploy. So, as usual, they now release a NEW story that the comic book baby is going to be a Prince eventually. They do this over and over again. Screw up…

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Cosmo writes~ Did Meghan go into labor? Tweets were on fire

Cosmo writes~ Did Meghan go into labor? Tweets were on fire

Calm down it was nothing! The palace will let the press know when and if they decide Markle is in labor.  Nobody got arrested, nobody got taken away in an ambulance. Stop believing the bullshit that LARPers are doing to bloggers for goodness sake.

LARPers are doing their job to gaslight you! Confuse and give the misinformation and one of these days we are going to find out why.

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Please note I would never, ever threatened anyone’s life

Please note I would never, ever threatened anyone’s life

This person has been blocked from my twitter pages for over a year and a half.  I was unjustly doxed, and maybe it was to get people to find out about MM.

I promise you, I would never hurt anyone and I would never post any anon that threatened Meghan Markle’s life.  @Jusamgurlie I’m sure you read here, prove it!  There isn’t anything racist on my blog, and I don’t feel guilty about a damn thing.

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Macleans~ Meghan Markle has some explaining to do~ trolls/bots

Macleans~ Meghan Markle has some explaining to do~ trolls/bots


I’m so grateful for this article! I have tears, the only thing I did that day was stuck up for Camilla Toimeny, she was being attacked ruthlessly.  There wasn’t any reason for it.  Here is the proof!

Then later Vin and I were doxed for taking people opinions and saying we don’t want to give Meghan…

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Stupid stupid stupid

KP how stupid can you be? They let the idiot hire paid followers etc. now exposed by Camilla T and these paid followers who are attacking reporters who criticize royal reporters who write negative articles on the Duchess of Slime are associated with left-wing politics in the US and the Russians. So now the stupid as fuck morons at KP have implicated the BRF in US politics and Russian interference…

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