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The thread running through all identity politics is that of fear.
Fear of saying the wrong thing, of holding the “wrong” views, of being the “wrong” person, of speaking out, of being “hateful ” Ultimately this fear will close us and any dialogue between “us” down completely We all become the “Other.”

Via Jordan B Peterson on YouTube: An Earth-shaking meeting of the minds takes place between Dr. Jordan Peterson and feminist icon Camile Paglia. Peterson interviews Paglia, only to find that they agree on just about everything. They riff on their concerns about modern feminism, the myth of the Patriarchy, and the future of Western civilization. In the above clip, Paglia and Peterson discuss the problem of the influence of neo-Marxist ideology in the universities --and in Western culture in general-- and postulate that a return to "the authentic 1960s vision" of "cosmic consciousness" could be the only way to transcend divisions of race, class, gender, and ethnicity that are being exploited and exacerbated by "lazy" Marxist intellectuals. "On the largest scale, I am concerned about the future of Western culture, because I can see, as a student of history, it looks too much like Ancient Rome," Paglia stated. "Rome became over-expanded, it was at the mercy of bureaucratic creep... And Roman identity eventually got blurred in its incorporation of so many different cultures, which at first was a good kind of multiculturalism, but it eventually over-expanded and collapsed under its own weight." She discussed how the problem is mostly rooted in education, from public schools to top universities: "I think the public school level has gone to Hell... this kind of feel-good public school education –which is a form of ideology—and indoctrination right now. It is all about No Bullying, and not about anything substantive." "I think the cafeteria menu of the university curriculum has to be amended," she suggested. "We must return to historical courses that study from the earliest period – the Stone Age and early antiquities, in order to give perspective to our analysis of our present culture." "I have been teaching for 46 years. I can tell the slow degradation of public school education, to the point now that students have absolutely no sense of world geography or world history. They know absolutely nothing about wars. And the reality, the barbaric reality of most of human history," she explained. Peterson jokes: "That's triggering." Next Paglia lets loose: "Identity politics has just got to stop!" "Identity politics was necessary once," she explained. "We asserted gay rights with the Stonewall rebellion of 1969. We asserted women’s rights with the rebirth of Second Wave Feminism in the 1960s. But this endless preoccupation with a fragmentation of identity... We have to return to the authentic 1960s vision, which is about identity coming from consciousness, which transcends gender, which transcends all these divisions of race. Consciousness itself! Okay?" "In the 60s, we had this idea that there was a human sensibility that transcended individual and nation, and there was this cosmic consciousness," she lamented. "This sense of the universe as a whole. To see the human being in relationship to great eternal principles of life and death, mortality, and so on." "Whereas Marxism is blind," she said. "Marxism is very narrow. All it sees is the society. It sees nothing beyond the society! It doesn’t see nature. It is absolutely mad!" Paglia describes the greatest crime of the Marxist intellectuals as the "abandonment of the Western Canon." "People asserted that [The Great Western] canon was the product of bias, and of a provincial elitism," she said. "In point of fact, as a student of the history of the arts, I can assure people the canon, overwhelmingly so, is the result of what artists have determined. We say a work is important and canonical because ART IS FOLLOWING IT. We’re influenced by it! We have this beautiful cascading tradition of influence! It is another part of the philistinism of current education. To believe that there are these external reasons for why a work lasts, why a work written 500 years ago or 1,000 years ago has global relevance." Peterson interjects: "As if it is some sort of political conspiracy that is based on power. As if anybody could even manage that! No matter how nefarious they were." Paglia concludes: "I do want a multicultural curriculum. I do want a global curriculum. I want all the cultures taught. This is not the answer! This neo-Marxism in the universities is simply lazy. It is a lazy way to assert multiculturalism without actually doing the research and the study of other cultures!" Selected transcript: In this clip, Peterson and Paglia discuss the myth of “The Patriarchy” JORDAN PETERSON: There’s another strange element to this, which is that, on the one hand, the radical feminist-types, the neo-Marxists, the post-modernists, are very much opposed to the “patriarchy,” let’s say. And that is that unidimensional ideological representation-- CAMILE PAGLIA: That has never existed! Perhaps the word can be applied to Republican Rome, and that is it. PETERSON: Maybe it could be applied usefully to certain kinds of tyranny, but not to a society that is actually functioning. PAGLIA: Also Victorian England, arguably, but other than that, to use the word “patriarchy” in such a slap-dash way is just amateurish. It absolutely just shows that people know nothing about history whatsoever – they have done NO reading. PETERSON: So what confuses me about that, is that despite the fact that the patriarchy is viewed as this essentially evil entity, and that that is associated with the masculine entity that built this oppressive structure, the antithesis of that, which would actually be femininity –as far as I can tell—as you see with Care and with child-rearing, is also denigrated. So, it is like the only proper role for women to adopt is a patriarchal role, despite the fact that the patriarchy is something that is entirely corrupt. The hypothesis seems to be: The patriarchy would be just fine if women ran it. So, no changes, it would just be a transformation of leadership, and somehow that would rectify the fundamental problem, even though it is hypothetically supposed to be structural. Next Peterson asks Paglia to discuss her view of what to expect in Western culture over the next ten years: “When you look forward and you try to be optimistic, what the Hell do you see?” JORDAN PETERSON: So, I’m just going to close with…

Jordan Peterson and Camille Paglia on Race, Identity Politics, and Cultural Collapse.



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We have been watching the campuses with their identity politics; these kids are supposed to be the smartest to enter University. IMO they are being brainwashed. You must jump on the happening bandwagon. You have to ask yourself, who teaching them this?

Do you remember the bakery? The administrator said to protest the bakery! As Camilla stated to get rid of the administrators, are they the real problem?


The same with the Obama quotes

Alt-right has gone Alt-left but far-left victims, why should they feel victimized?  I don’t feel any of these kids are on the debate team. Who is counting on these kids to be dumb enough not to research?  It doesn’t help that the MSM is allegedly paid off to tell a specific narrative.

Marxism will collapse on its self, and maybe that’s what they want.

I leave you with this from yale, which is bullshit

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