ANON said: Now The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Is Showing Meghan No Mercy…?

Meghan’s Tabloid Battle Could Lead To Family Face-Off

If Meghan doesn’t drop her lawsuit against the UK’s Mail On Sunday, she’ll face off with her father AND experience an excruciatingly expert, detailed, and humiliating public cross-examination in court by one of Britain’s most accomplished barristers. And if she does drop the case, she’ll be seen for what she actually is, and the ravening British press then will mercilessly close in for the kill. But where is there left for her to run to when that happens? Hell hath no fury like Fleet Street when it’s scented blood in the water…

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Wow, Sliced and Diced, Meghan doesn’t care, she’s a SIC Narcissist that is holding Harry hostage. Meghan Markle thinks she can have a do-over in Canada.  Meghan, no matter where you go, there you are. You can’t run from your problems. They follow you where ever you go. 

Just because Meghan conned Disney into given 3 million dollars, you think everyone is lining up to give you money.  What did she do with the money? She spent it on Sunshine Sachs PR and her team of goons in Hollywood. They don’t get Royalty, but there are drooling. They plan to make huge commissions from Apple for documentaries. 

Do you know what Meghan? You are still nothing without Harry.

Thank you, Anon, JD 🥰