Blind Item #2This former B+ list mostly television actress has known for sometime she could not get pregnant in the traditional manner. Apparently when she went to a fertility doctor with an ex, they also told her she might not even get pregnant via IVF. Hey, good for them there is someone close to her foreign born husband who knows all about surrogates. Meg and Harry. Interesting, very interesting.

You know I heard there is this massive application you have to fill out to let you in the family, I wonder was that ticked off, I’m aware I can’t have children?? Nor should she, they seem not to like her. Is it mean, yes. 

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there a blind at cdan about Meghan not being able to have kids or trouble having kids and possibly using a surrogate.

Yes, brought again, she apparently can’t have kids and has known about it. The DNA doesn’t match no heirs to the throne. No live birth doesn’t count, I hope the PR know this or are they going to coerce *cough* blackmail. You guys know it would have to be the government, they do the checking. Again, you’re not in America. You can only push so far before someone bites back. 

Thank you anon 💐💐