I dont mean to sound like an ass but am i the only one who just cant picture MM in the RF? I truly hate saying that it has to do w/ looks but sometimes it just does (at least to me) I mean I could always picture Kate in the RF. I dont care if the girl is latino, mixed, asian or whatever but I just cant see MM wearing those british hats & what not. Like sometimes its just in the looks (for me atleast) & i could care less about who PH marries but she just doesnt fit. Oh well. Awesome blog JD!

Thanks anon, nothing to do with pigment color and all to do with one’s character, marriage is nothing to take lightly, her’s lasted 2 years, the distance and might be something to do with hockey players, Corey lasted 2 years something to do with a prince, always someone else and then moves on, that worrying she can’t stay committed.