Tip? Obsessed with celebrity

Maybe you have a tip for me.

I’m a bit obsessed with a celebrity and spend a lot of time on their articles and in the comment sections.

Do you have a tip on how I can stop that? It’s really weird and sad about how you can get addicted to a stranger…

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Boy, don’t I know that!  Articles are written to draw you in, provoke emotions, the more you comment, the more money they make on adverts. Look at the Daily Mail it takes forever to load they have so many adverts!  I hate going there and to have your comment taking down without good cause! Well, I never!


It’s a love-hate with them, I really like some of the writers, and I may be responsible for sending thousands of people there. It left a sour taste in my mouth after the doxing, and I wasn’t the worst blogger out there. I took opinions with a jab or two. You must be objective and mix it up.


Take time off is what I recommend, I had to get a website together in August 2018, that gave me time to look back and watch, I thought what in hell am I doing? There are much more important things happening on this planet than a fake celeb like Megatron!


Researching helped me pull away from the LARP narrative, and they always say wait for it, and the moment never comes. Why make someone happen when they hate your guts. You can’t change anything, that’s the most important thing you need to know.  No amount of protesting, insults will make this woman go away.  Ignoring her bullshit is the key, no press is death to a celeb, stop clicking on her articles. That is the real truth.


Doing the research, I found my way to politics because Megatron is part of the narrative to Social Media assignation of President Trump paid for by Hillary Rotten Clinton and George the crypt keeper Soros. People looking at SoHo are off base a broke company, really?  Megatrons narrative is the same speech as the progressive left. Gender bending, racism, anti-Brexit, #metoo, Trump hater, New world order bullcrap.


Meghan has been desperately trying to fit into Hollywood crowd that dissed her back in the day.   She was a never was and she knew it, she may have conned Harry, but she isn’t conning me.


Let’s not forget that MM has the same PR as Hillary, Weinstein and they are responsible for the Clinton Foundation, Sunshine Sachs!


Doing this for over two-plus years has made ill looking at her, I will always have a soft spot for Harry but now is not the time. He needs life lessons to learn. There will come a day when this house of cards tumbles down. Until then, watch but don’t respond to her BS.


Thank you anon, I appreciate that reached out, 🌸😎💋💋 let the press do the job now