Tiger King- Netflix

My second recommendation is Tiger King on Netflix, I can see David Spade play this one if it’s going to be funny. It has a Joe Dirt feel to it. There are twists and turns backstabbing Tiger freaks.

It starts off with Joe Exotic, a gay, redneck, gun-totting tiger lover and a spat with equally weird Carol Baskin who is on Joe’s back for breeding tigers.  There is also that guy from Myrtle Beach that I have gone to see these amazing Ligers. He’s just a strange, with his plural lifestyle. Eww!

Joe is kind of a lovable idiot, you do end up rooting for him even though he is a fuck up. He is just fucking stupid, oh god, you just want to yell at the screen, STOP!!

You have to watch this trainwreck, OMG.