Channel 5 – Sunday, 15 April – of interest to UK only

I’m bored to tears with this, but my fellow UK-islanders might wish to be aware:

7pm rubbish about “Royal” babies

8pm MM “The First 100 Days”

9pm MM and Ginge “In Their Own Words” hahahaha…

10pm  till 11.45pm “Dater’s Handbook” – our humanitarian’s burst on the world stage.

(I had never appreciated our natural-born skepticism until reading Americans’ comments about “British snark”)  Keep it up!

Hello Catherine,  the last time I said, I’m not being mean and gave bullet points on why all of us are having problems with this wedding. I’ve been watching since Charles and Diana and this is so far from being Royal, it’s laughable. 

Royal babies everyone loves them, the rest of the line up is 🤮🤮. We are going to keep it up for as long ass this future public servant is around. We’ll even have a divorce party if need be.