Miami’s Pillowcase Rapist from the 80’s, CAUGHT


Suspected ‘Pillowcase Rapist’ who terrorized South Florida women in early 1980s arrested

Sorry that I can’t give an insert on this article but Florida breathes a sigh of relief that this dog was taken off the streets.  Here is part of the steoy.

Authorities have arrested a man they believe is the notorious Pillowcase Rapist, who was blamed for attacking over 40 women in South Florida during the early 1980s.

Law enforcement sources identified the suspect as 60-year-old Robert Eugene Koehler, a registered sex offender from Palm Bay. He was arrested on Saturday and is being held at a jail in Brevard County to await transfer to Miami-Dade.

The Pillowcase Rapist terrorized women from South Miami to Deerfield Beach between May 1981 and February 1986. Using a pillowcase, towel or shirt to hide his identity, the rapist broke into townhomes and apartments and attacked at least 44 women.

What makes a serial rapist?

serial rapist is someone who commits multiple rapes, whether with multiple victims or a single victim repeatedly over a period of time. Some serial rapists target children.


This was written in the 1990s