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That’s right. Smollett was not on his own

Smollett was not on his own. He had backers. Who are they? Backers had a plan which failed.


Well, I found out that he was with CAA. I bet that they are the ones that put him up to it. Other sources have said they are getting paid to attack Trump.  Meghan Markle dropped by there for her wedding guests and more. Oprah, Gayle King, Beckhams, there are so many that are shooting their mouths off. The backer is paying the PR bill for this adventure. It’s Hillary’s people, might as well say, George Soros. Some saying, Kamala Harris. What do you think?

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Andy McCarthy thinks McCabe will be charged


Andy McCarthy is rarely wrong. He does think McCabe will be charged.

I think he is right he will be charged. There are some big charges coming up from Durham and Barr for the deep state actors.  

The MSM isn’t a reliable source of news, I wouldn’t waste time with them regarding Trump. They rely too much on Evergreen to get their briefing. 

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