Anon Opinion on Harry and Meghan Markle

Let us count the problems with this name:

The name came from: an Army friend of Harry’s, Meghan’s cat, from the Greek for action, it’s Rachel’s name if you move the letters around, has part of the monarchy in it, comes from to show character Archie, and whatever other explanations have been given for his name.

Then, the pronunciation: if from the Greek it isn’t pronounced “Archie” but rather “ar- kay”. Some also say the translation as the action isn’t correct stating is should be beginning as in Genesis ” in the beginning…”

Close association: Archway cookies are a popular American cookie company leading to some trouble finding a designation that isn’t taken by that company. This leads to the one listed above linking to the gold digger song.

Timing: We know from the story of the name that they planned it from late 2018. They couldn’t use their name as they wanted like the Clinton’s did since The Queen said it isn’t allowed so they changed to their son’s name. This would be the son that is supposed to be a private citizen and lead a private life away from the public and the media.

This latest announcement did not have to be done when it was. The world is having serious struggles which they are co-opting to use to get attention for themselves as always.

Causes: It appears to be a way to sound impressive but offers little of substance since they are not qualified in anything related to what they are reportedly selling. What is it a cover for? Many. Are saying it is a slush fund for them to pretend to be legit charity people while actually only giving 5% to charities they support while banking most of it for themselves.

Funding: Who is funding this startup? Same for Travalyst. Are they connected? Is this all just a cover for some illegal activities?

I guess that is enough for now.

Thank you anon! 🥰