Think Meghan Markle’s Charitable? This Royal Family Heroine Puts Her to Shame


Anon submitted: Blind Item- blind gossip- Harry and Meghan Markle

We warned you that this was coming!

Think back to a few months ago when we talked about the baby.

Our married couple was oddly reluctant to let the public see the baby, citing concerns over safety and a desire to bond privately.

We told you that wasn’t true. Plenty of their family members have managed to keep their children safe and secure over many generations while meeting their obligations as public figures.

We told you that the couple was actually trying to keep sightings of the baby rare while they figured out how to monetize the situation… without the rest of the family finding out.

They bungled that scenario.

However, it’s now full steam ahead with The Big Plan!

What is The Big Plan?

To brand and monetize everything.

You are now seeing that plan being put into motion. And if you question what they are doing, you will be met with anger, misdirection, and insistence that their motives are pure.

We hid the baby because… Privacy! Motherhood!

We take private planes and stay in posh private digs because… Environment! Wellness!

We isolate ourselves from 99% of our family and surround ourselves with celebrities because… Family! Safety!

We are engaging our own outside lawyers and PR team because… Protection! Charity!

How dare you question our motives!

See how that works?

Our couple is good. Those who question their motives or their nonsensical excuses or their bizarre hypocrisy are bad.

By the way, if you like The Clinton Foundation, you are going to love our couple’s charity organization. Why? Because The Clinton Foundation is our couple’s model.

Actually, they think they can be much bigger than The Clinton Foundation.

They just have to keep you pesky commoners at bay while they spin up the machine.

Then it’s cha ching… cha ching… cha ching!

All in the name of charity, of course.

Yes, you may roll your eyes.

The Big Plan

Anon said: Fake News – Harry

Anon said: Fake News – Harry

Harry wasn’t emotional. He was actually laughing if you look at the clip, and because it was so massively inappropriate to laugh, drops his head and makes out he’s upset. Shocking tbh to behave like that at en event for seriously ill children. Not what one expects of one’s Royal Family.

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Daily Mail reports Meghan Markle is writing a children’s book- Hello new Fergie!

You know I hate to be the spoilsport here, but she did leave a rescue dog in Toronto for being too old??  Five-year-old dog??  Really?? The other dog was claimed to have broken legs and needed bionics, HA!  Later a picture of the dog with dog socks.


Ms. Unorginality is now following in Fergie footsteps with a children’s book. The article claims it’s not a tell-all, not yet at least but Enty the entertainment lawyers say she is, sending pages and pages to a friend.


Meghan has to lock down another kid before the tell-all happens. If you read the CDAN post from Enty, the senior royals are not happy about this, although the most senior member thinks it will fix itself.  I don’t agree with that. The press is out for blood, I don’t blame them.


Tumblr anon asked: How can an ig follower be identified as authentic and not bots?

Tumblr anon asked: How can an ig follower be identified as authentic and not bots?

Anonymous said:

How can an ig follower be identified as authentic and not bots? I read to look for similar words in posts, but is there any easy way to tell a fake from real? Wow, claim 700000 followers, but less than 20 grand donate for baby donations. That is one way to tell real followers from fake? Wonder how many ‘fans’ gave away their lunch milk money.

LOL, Many…

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Dirty shoes! It’s so much more than that!

Dirty shoes! It’s so much more than that!

JD, Dirty shoes again! Why? I do not understand? Where does she find dirt, in England, there is no asphalt? I am ashamed!

That would be on Meghan Markle; she wants to have it her way, the control freak!  The woman can insist on wearing bespoke at 10k but has shit shoes on; it means she has no class.

Since the Camilla Toimeny article praising her by Prince Charles as the savior of the monarchy,…

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