Piers Morgan- threatened?

Has someone threatened Piers? Richard Palmer says the royal reporters have been on the receiving end of horrible things, including their family members.

And the charlatan duchess group apparently was conned by a couple of members who then stole their info and money. Lawyers are now involved. Anonymoushouseplantfan on tumblr has the last post from the person.


‘I’ve been around since day one of this debacle, the reporters all received death threats from the Sussex squad.  Anyone who blogged against MM received harassment and death threats, and I did too. 

I really don’t know too much about the Charlatan Duchess FaceBook group. I know the girl accused me of being paid off, and Skippy jumped on board. I can tell you that the members of the group  made up a verbatim of the Queen and PP, which I know nobody knows what they think.  The text was sent to my email, and my mouth dropped! I could even call her a LARP, that’s what LARPs do, leave.

The plant doesn’t like her stuff leaving Tumblr. 

As far as Pier Morgan,  Who the hell knows but there must be something in the water.

Thank you anon, 🥰


Zika – Royal Tour 2018

Zika – Royal Tour 2018

There is no way the Royal Family would have allowed Meghan to travel to Tonga if they knew she was pregnant before she left.

Zika is dangerous. Any woman who cares for her unborn child would NEVER take the unnecessary risks of traveling to a country that even had the slightest chance of infecting her with the virus. While pregnant, I had gestational diabetes and hypothyroidism. I had to get blood…

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Charlatan Duchess ~ please support her efforts to get the word out

Charlatan Duchess ~ please support her efforts to get the word out

Anonymous said:
The royal doctor mention was on a post that charlatan duchess did 2 or 3days ago. She took it down with a couple others and said something about it. Next day I checked her blog and it was closed to non-tumblrs, so I cannot see it. This was after she and megxit had Instagrams shut down. She had great intel and said not to worry she’d be back…

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This one from Charlatan Duchess is to good to pass up

This one from Charlatan Duchess is to good to pass up



Friends, Monday, 29th of October, the sixth month of the year long ‘Don’t’ Cry for Me Argentina, Eva Peron Mark(le)2 Tour.’

Our Doucheness, wearing a murky coat rescued from the charity bin, having endured many hot washes, witchy boots and chicken leg jeans, Hazza wearing his perpetual ‘Get Out!’ glaze.

Off to talk Mental Heath once more at a Wellington cafe…

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