Get Your Kicks on Route 66: Stunningly detailed images of 1950s America chronicle the daily life at barbershops, drugstore and diners along the historic highway

  • A trove of retro images taken by Charles Custer, a Chicago-based lawyer were discovered after his death at the age of 91 in January; they depict small-town America across the historic US Route 66
  • The photos depict daily American life during the early 1950s at barbershops, drugstores and diners
  • Charles and Irene Custer road tripped across the old Route 66 in the early years of their marriage, making extra cash by selling prints to their subjects before traveling to the next town
  • 70 years later, the film was discovered in an old Kodak box by Custer’s son and friends, who digitally restored the images. OK More Photography preserved 150 pictures out of thousands of negatives