The RF responds to Sussex accusations: a summary


The Daily Mail: “The modernisation of the Royal family is not a competition. No one has ownership over it. No one in The RF is anti-MM&Harry. No one is briefing against them.”

Yesterday, a source close to the couple said Harry and Meghan had ‘single-handedly modernised the monarchy’ – but courtiers are stoking up ‘hysteria’ against them.

The adviser accused the courtiers of being ‘afraid of and inexperienced at how to best help harness and deploy the value’ of the Duke and Duchess.

As the fallout over the royal couple’s TV documentary took another remarkable twist, the source even suggested that palace insiders were hell-bent on stoking up ‘anti-Prince Harry and Meghan hysteria’.

The incendiary claims, reported in a well-sourced story by US broadcaster CNN about the ITV programme, angered many in the wider royal household, where staff feel they have done their best to support the Sussexes in extremely ‘trying’ times.

One well-placed royal insider said: ‘It’s akin to saying that the Sussexes are too good for the Royal Family, which is extremely disrespectful to everyone who works for, and on behalf of, the Queen and other senior members of the Royal Family.

‘While not everyone agrees with what the duke and duchess have been saying, there has been immense sympathy that they find themselves in such a difficult place and people have been trying to help.’

Referring to the documentary, the source said: ‘Harry’s clear anguish was incredibly raw and difficult to watch.

‘The truth is that no one is ‘anti’ Harry and Meghan and no one is briefing against them.

And it is also just plain wrong to say they have single-handedly modernised the monarchy. Modernisation is an ongoing process led by Her Majesty the Queen.

‘No one has ownership of it. It is not a competition.

‘None of this is remotely helpful to the monarchy as an institution. It is promoting discord and taking attention away from the good work senior royals do across the board.’

The Sun: Charles is angry with MM & Harry for several reasons. Charles invited MM to an event. She accepted and didn’t turn up.

MM & Harry’s documentary drama has overshadowed Charles’ own documentary on his Duchy work. Still, he will still continue to support the two publicly.

The Queen is unhappy with the feud between the brothers and asked Charles to take care of it. Harry thinks the palace is unsupportive. 

Charles is adamant he has supported Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and was let down when his daughter-in-law, 38, cancelled a meeting with him at the last minute.

The source said: “It’s a real shame that Harry and Meghan didn’t go to Balmoral. That’s where the family talk about these things. There has also been at least one occasion when Charles invited Meghan to an event, she accepted and then didn’t turn up.“You can’t do that. When the Royal Family send you an invitation you go, short of dying. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be there.”

A royal source revealed: “The Prince of Wales is very busy at the moment touring Japan, including a visit with the Welsh rugby team. But the point is that this whole kerfuffle has completely undermined the work he is doing, just as it undermined the work Prince William and Kate were doing in Pakistan.

“To do it to your brother is one thing. To do it to your father and paymaster is a completely different matter altogether.”

Staff at Clarence House are also said to be disappointed that the two-part ITV programme Prince Charles: Inside the Duchy of Cornwall – which starts tonight – has been virtually ignored.The source explained: “This is a documentary about his life’s work and it really meant a lot to him. It’s been completely and utterly annihilated, all because these two think they’ve reinvented the wheel.”

Sources stressed Charles shares William’s very real concern for Harry. One said: “Charles is worrying about Harry in the same way he did Diana. Publicly he will defend his son.”

We can reveal the Queen wants Harry, 35, and William, 37, to rise above their issues and focus on their strong family ties.The monarch remains close to Harry given they both live on the Windsor estate.

But she does not want to be dragged into the mess and is deferring to Charles, 70, to help bring her grandsons back together.

The Queen is urging her two grandsons to sort out issues privately but is supportive of both.


Yesterday The Sun revealed Harry strongly disputed claims by William that he is “fragile”. He believes he and Meghan have not received the same level of support from the royal institution.

The Daily Mail: Harry changed his phone number without telling his family members. The Queen has offered him help in the past.  Charles has offered help, and Harry has been reluctant to take it. Though William was made uncomfortable by the documentary, he will always be there for him. William’s worries about Harry and Meghan are shared by the other membersof the RF.
Bonus: Harry and Meghan met at a London party in 2016 (hmm)

….I am told Harry left family members puzzled after changing telephone numbers without immediately telling them.

Family business is usually taken care of during the long summer break in Scotland, and countless intractable conundrums have been resolved in the civilising atmosphere of Royal Deeside.However, despite his absence from Balmoral I understand the Queen has spoken to Harry in the past month and offered to help.

There is, of course, sympathy from the royals for Meghan’s difficulty in adjusting to her new status, and because of her relationship with her father and other dysfunctional family members. No one more so, perhaps than Harry’s own father, the Prince of Wales. But while he can offer help — and he has — Harry has not been inclined to accept it.


The fact is, William is the same figure who looked out for his younger brother at school. And as uncomfortable as he has clearly found Harry’s outburst, he will always be there for him.


There is no disguising that the views articulated by William are shared right across the Royal Family. While sympathy for a couple struggling to adjust to royal life under a media spotlight does still exist, it is draining away. 
Harry, on the other hand, had made up his mind almost immediately after being introduced to the star of the American TV legal drama Suits …. at a London dinner party in 2016. 

Wow! All I can say is WOW! What’s up with the dinner party are they gently exposing the lie?  London dinner party? Do they mean the Toronto dinner party? I want to know! 

They let the rabid pitbull in, and now Harry is brainwashed by her nonsense. She is a charlatan. 


Anon submitted: Daily Mail Prince Charles

Anon submitted: Daily Mail Prince Charles

You reap what you sow Charlie .. you should’ve got a hold of the Duchess of Excess a lot earlier.. she is out of control and on a mission to make it all about her. He let Meghan and Harry do what they want, so it’s also his own fault.

You know what? I blame…

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Anon submitted: DM The Royal Rich List – Meghan – Millionaire

They are still trying to spread the lie that Meghan was a millionaire when she met Harry.

Wait, someone is lying here, the Queen Mother was allegedly broke, and the Queen had to pay her debts?


They keep showing Frogmore house, not the cottage complete with swamp🐸✈✈✈


Smegs jewelry worth 500k, that crap she merches?  Enty conjected that there was no way she has amassed that much money; she wasn’t considered a successful actress in Hollywood.  Meghan struggled like other actors doing odd jobs at Soho House tossing salads.

This reads like a Royal hit piece, and it tells the public they are being scammed.


Thank you anon, 🌸😎🥰🐸



DM- Piers Morgan – The Queen and her mother showed less is more

DM- Piers Morgan – The Queen and her mother showed less is more

Don’t complain and don’t explain, the mystique of the monarchy! Is this a lost art? 

The Queen Mother had a famously simple rulebook for members of the British royal family to follow if they wished to preserve their dignity and popularity: ‘Never…

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Charles and Meghan Post

Charles and Meghan Post

Anonymous said:
Charles and Meghan?! Charles AND MEGHAN?!?! I needed a moment to recover. Personally, I call bullshit. At least not as the reason for all of this. Now would Meghan try her luck with Charles (or William or anyone with more power/money/influence than Harry) now after snaring Harry? Yes.
== I hope you read the entire post?? Of course, it is, that’s what it says in the post. It’s for…

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This can’t be real? The Royal family doesn’t do it this way

This can’t be real? The Royal family doesn’t do it this way

Anonymous said:
Since all of this started many have said it can’t be real because this is not how the BRF do things. They are not taking into account that the monarchy is in a transition period. Philip, who always made the family decisions, has retired, Charles is in the process of taking over and has no moral authority over Harry because of Diana. The timing of everything that has happened is…

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