The Daily Mail ~ I forgive you~ Editorial

Many have been with me from the start as commenters on the Daily Mail to give opinions, and we loved the platform, How could I ever stay mad at them?  I’m not one to hold grudges forever, yeah sure, I could stay mad at Peter Sheridan and Charlotte Wace for Doxing me, what I was very hurt about, I gave information, and they chose to exclude it. 

What is happening now, the same information on this blog is now appearing all over the place. How about a little credit for running down leads, simple thank you would be good.

The British Royal Family belongs to ever one, occasionally there will be scrutiny through snark, sarcasm, and parody, that’s a fact, and they are aware of this.  Like any family, you may be upset with the things one of them do, doesn’t mean you fall out of like with them.


This recent rounds of ass kicking by the press is a wake-up call because the expenditures just came out.  The Press will do it every time one comes out, but Meghan is on the front because she doesn’t appreciate being a Royal and following the rules. Some may think Go Meghan! That’s certainly not how it works.

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Royalty = Loyalty, and if you can’t do that, you’re toast! Avocados not included🥑

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This is becoming obscene. UPDATE: From JD 🌸😎

Harry and Meghan looking to recruit new staff from the Foreign Office via

From JD: Tell me again that MM is being arrested and I’m going to laugh in your faces.

Important: The Mail on Sunday understands that Heather Wong, a former US government official who does the same job for Prince Harry, is moving to a new role.

I see that this article written by Charlotte Wace is provoking emotion as it did for Googie who posted this article to make awareness.  What you need to look at is palace sources, who could that be?  cough*Meg*cough, has she pushed Heather Wong and ex Paddy Haverson employee to far? Congrats MM, you have cleared the board of all of Harry’s friends and associates!

Ms. Wace goes on to report: Meanwhile, a replacement has been found for Meghan’s personal assistant, Melissa Touabti, who quit in November after just six months in the job. The new PA is understood to have previously worked with an A-list celebrity.

Of course, she has!  Hollywood Harry and Media Meg chose celebs status over Royal responsibility, great job! Another faux pas for the dynamic duo!

Are you mad? You should be, there was no need to leak this.  Our site has decided to give limited cover to this dreadful couple.  This is what MM wants to provoke fights, to get all sides blasting her, it’s going to work because the peanut butter girl is going to be furious.

Friends, there are larpers feeding lies to keep this shit show going and everybody is falling right into the shit pot. Don’t believe it!  Meghan is here to stay until she decides she wants to leave.

I want to remind people that the articles are not always MM PR; they are click-bait or designed to sell papers and magazines.

Daily Mail~ Charlotte Wace and Holly Bancroft reports it’s down to 48 hours now!

You guys remember my good friend Charlotte Wace, you know the one that left out the information and rolled me and put my life in danger. Yeah, that one!

Charlotte and Holly Bancroft report that Meghan has 48 hours to deliver naturally or they must go to Frimley hospital to induce labor.  Why not stop by a furniture store to drop the pillow off, lol.

Like other reports, its policy to induce labor, she states, ‘induction is imperative’

Many people including myself when the news came out that Meghan and Harry didn’t want the glare of the public, even though she has a media circus for the baby shower in NYC with fake friends from Creative Artist agency. Meghan is now great friends with Gayle King, why didn’t she go to the wedding? That ‘s right Oprah went and had to have front row sitting.

They go on to say that BP will still release that Meghan has gone into labor but won’t say what Hospital, are you kidding me?  Okay, sure Jan that won’t go over well.

Family and friends will know first, shucks Instagram will know first, oh well screw the press again!

Blue and pink ribbons line the street for well-wishers, Hey that doesn’t fit Meghan’s narrative, it’s beige as you know that gender-neutral thing she raises a child like them and they.  Like a robot! Jesus, cut the kids a break it’s hard enough growing up, let your kids decide what and who they want to be. They’ll end up on a therapist couch wondering WTF!

This came out today, May 5th and has over 3,500 comments!

Thanks, Charlotte, you could send me a private message apologizing.

Daily Mail~ Markus Anderson ~ Meghan Markle

This article is brought to you by Caroline Graham and Charlotte Wace.  Okay, let’s see what they have to say.  These ladies are claiming he wanted Sara to be the new communication secretary! Holy Cow! WTH is going on here!  Oh my god, they are listening for a change. I’m ready to cry.  Everyone must read this article!

Thank you Sarri!~  This is going to be sticky!

Anonymous said: I’ve just read what you wrote…

I’ve just read what you wrote… how ironic is it that Meghan’s fans call people who don’t like Meghan ‘racist’ but then attack white people. Racism goes both ways.
Thank you anon, it does work both ways and shouldn’t be done at all. The reporters deal with this daily. They made a target board of them! I was singled out for chatting with you.
Make sure to tell Peter Sheridan and Charlotte Wace that.  Let’s tag them.