Anon is back on tumblr, and Jdfv

You may not abuse me, I will block and report you. You can state your opinion, no name calling. I know your pissed and so am I. I posted a massive amount of information on how to deal with a Narc. 

We do have a forum you are free to fire away there, bring pics, embed, articles videos and reblog back to your sites in one click. 

Everyone is welcome, sugars from both sides to have constructive discussions even if they get heated, no name calling or I have to take you out of the sandbox, lol.

Excuse our mess while we are under construction we are 80% there, the site is very functional. By the way, you sign in once and click on where you want to go, I  kept signing in too, I thought what the hell. It’s not on our end. 

We are going to be a variety site for men and women, we are also going to cross-promote blogs from around the internet. If you would like to have something featured you can even do it from the forum, let one of us know, and we will put it on the blog. We also bought a private chat plugin for you guys. 

Felix and I decided this morning we will be going to Instagram since we have to do screenshot many pictures for our online magazine. 

Vintage is our music director and badass muscle car editor, our audiovisual specialist and all around dudette you would most likely want to get drunk with and gurney your way back to the hotel. 

We’re even going to have sports! 

Thank you for sticking by us. JD, Felix, and Vintage