Meghan cheated on her ex with Harry

Meghan even stated as much using her persona Lisa Ling on the Daily Mail comment section. She also said she could go back with X husband Trevor. That’s the hold she has on men. MM had a small window of opportunity to meet up Harry at Soho House Toronto, which her then Boyfriend Cory cooked dinner for Harry’s party.  JD 🥰




Anon time!! To Turtle 🐢🐢

Anon time!! To Turtle 🐢🐢

Anonymous said:
to Turtle’s question this is why you must teach your children especially your sons to have respect for women and your daughters to have respect for themselves. Selling your body is not an act of feminist liberation it reflects a deeply disturbed woman who instead of working chose to sell her body and allow men to abuse it. Meghan was not poor she had choices. She chose to be a…

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Oh yes, we can at least agree she was with another man while in a union. Whether it was dating or a form of intimacy. She definitely cheated in her union as she did with her other marriage. No questions.


right, my concern is she going to that to Harry? once a cheater.

 She is taking a meeting with ex husband Trevor, like to be a fly on the wall. This is what I think, sell her story (which I got that from anon), also heard she was paying off an ex 50k to be quiet which one, don’t know. This is all speculation but they have left so many clues, you have to try and figure it out

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