Hey Meg! Looks like disaster follow you whenever you want something

God is tearing up your path to stardom!  Hurricanes, Blizzards and now biohazards, LMAO Couldn’t happen to a nicer gal.

I just got to say nobody profits off the Royal name, nobody!

You are batshit crazy but I do give you credit to stay with the long game. The FATAL flaw was taken the beloved Harry away from the Royal family. That made people see the real you, the social climber that I foretold since day one! Dumpster fire!

Your greatest fans in the media tried telling people what breath of fresh air you were, then you sued them, what a dope!

I loved how you preached the George Soros and Hillary Clinton woke speak that turned everyone off. Now we have some dingbat Quid Pro Quo Joe running for president. You lying dog face pony soldier!

You’ll never be Queen and Harry will never be king and your followers are 3 cents short of a nickel who believes that rubbish.

You wanted to be the Kardashians, an influencer on Instagram and roll in all the dough! How’s that working out for you now?  Not one offer to do anything, you are too controversial and they don’t want to get drawn into the Royal battle.



Time to bring out your family!