Chelsy…the great love of Harry’s life

If in fact Chelsy was at the infamous farewell party for Harry, I believe what I read that it was an emotional greeting and farewell Harry and Chelsy shared. I share the view that they were each others’ great love and but for the intense scrutiny they would have lived under, would probably have been a married couple today. They were most compatible, she adapted very easily and happily to all of the family, and apparently they were all very fond of her. I have seen the look of love in the eyes of former lovers and you can usually tell when they present a wistfulness towards the other person that their love is still present. Harry calling Chelsy prior to the wedding to have a long (and probably meaningful) talk with her about their shared history is something I think both will cherish. Neither is ever really out of the others thoughts, that is evident. The Megans of this world never become the “great love” that a Chelsy is because they simply do not have the emotional depth to sustain a long term relationship, because they are in the relationship for the wrong reasons. Not only do they not have the staying power because they are so superficial, but they are totally lacking in the genuine ability to love anyone. I believe that is the case with Harry and sincerely believe that is also going to prove to be the case with her own son.

Thank you anon, that was lovely!


Team Meg at It Again

There are several articles dissing Chelsy again. Poor Chelsy didn’t marry Harry and Harry has moved on. One even says Chelsy promised not to crash his wedding reception. Meg is a classless bitch. Chelsy is awesome and far superior to Megs.

This happened when Harry went to Africa before. Why would Team Meg be doing this now?

“Meghan, who has been given the title of Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex, was not fazed by Chelsy’s link to Harry.” 

Yes, she is, I see why Harry wanted to protect them from shit like this. MM is insecure with an inferiority complex. 

Another Express article, she doesn’t want to see the comments. You can leave comments on Express articles however you come as you are, they are not anon. 

When Harry goes away without NUTmeg we can expect more insane articles and threats to his friends. Why Chelsy? African, where is Harry? Africa. 

Thank you anon 😀😎🌷🌷