Harry certainly was “chemically enhanced” on his wedding day – bet he knew the lip readers were watching? Cause he ain’t lucky and she doesn’t look amazing. I was actually shocked she looked so dull for the wedding she plotted and schemed to get that and wore a non descript dress with 30yds of mosquito netting and boring hair. For a royal wedding especially – very dull royal bride. Forgettable unremarkable dress.

😆😆😘Yep, the veil was WTF! the Mulroney boys look like brats, sorry not sorry. 

Harry was living better through chemistry that day, we were even told in advance. He would have married Mickey Mouse that day and thought he was beautiful. 

You hit it anon, DULL, BORING, HAGGISH. She looked like the flying nun! 🤭 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎🤭🤭