Thank you Kitty

I hate to use this cliche, but it’s surreal, and I can’t believe how easy this was to do.

The Chinese planned this out to a tee! Nancy Pelosi wants to bankrupt the country or ask China for a 3 trillion dollar loan, which they will own us. I guess they are pissed that the President is applying tariff to their products. We all have traitorous villains across the globe.

We need to sue China for the money that already went out to keep our countries afloat. German is going to do it, and I think we ought to bankrupt them first. I think this makes better sense than to ask our abuser for a loan.

They need to outlaw biowarfare, and Dr.Fauci should be fired!  It’s all about money in the end. Vaccine, no way am I going to trust Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci. Did you watch the videos of Dr. Judy, holy moly man? She rakes Dr.Fauci over the coals!

I know all about the Typhoid Mary’s walking around, my husband was one. I was sick for a month, and I experienced the same symptoms as you. I thought I had a heart attack; I couldn’t even blog. This Flu happened in February before any testing or HCQ was available. I’m lucky to be alive, and I thought it was the Flu.

I’m taking Sambucol gummies, black elderberry with vitamin C and Zinc, it’s not a cure, but I think it’s going to boost my immune system where I can fight whatever is coming down the road.

The clowns in LA couldn’t manage to get a pap stroll right, it is comical.

I can’t wait for you to come back with some more Kitty links, people need to read them and become informed.

Love and lots of kittens, 🥰JD


Hurricane Update – Chemtrails – Aerosols

Hurricane Update – Chemtrails – Aerosols