Fake meat, Bill Gates, and more Nature’s Fynd

The company plans to build a pilot production facility with funds raised from high-profile investors including Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Kimbal Musk, as well as two giant players in the animal protein and feed space, Cargill and Tyson Foods. The company says its latest funding round has brought in $161 million in new investment.

I should have done a deep dive on this, but how’s it taste, and will I be farting with chances of the runs?  Another expensive and chemicalized solution to food. 

Morning star vegetable burger is good, but it won’t fill you up, but as the label indicates, VEGETABLE. What’s the label going to look like from the finest microbes in Yellowstone Park? It’s like drugs, it’s got to be synthesized? 

We know that Equal was a mistake by big Pharma, is it something like that? No thanks 

Here is another question I pose: Will poor people be able to afford this nonsense? Probably, not. 

We don’t trust Bill Gates and Richard Branson they were visitors to Epstein Island. 

Thank you anon, 🥰


CBS Chicago-7 killed, 46 wounded in weekend shootings: It’s destroying the fiber of our communities

This violence received no attention national and got Ivanka in trouble, why? Illegal gun violence is an ongoing occurrence in POC  inner cities daily. People are dying, and their lives matter!


Let me show you what CBS did, they posted the above article and also were hypercritical to Ivanka below.

Regardless of details, this is an ongoing occurrence in inner cities, which is one too many!  There is a video attached to this, and you can hear the automatic weapons firing and people cleaning up shell casings the next day.

Someone tell me, isn’t this something to be concerned?


When is the mainstream media going to make gun violence front and center for our inner cities? I dare you! Below a screenshot from CBS Chicago website.

Illegal Guns! Every weekend is a war zone in Chi-town.

“In Chicago, 1,517 people have been shot this year. That is 129 fewer than in 2018.”

Data through Saturday, July 27

These are people of color, when is MSM going to go there and question the US Rep for that district! Hold on I’ll check who it is.

Maybe it’s time for a change in Chicago.


Ivanka Trump is doing a fantastic job for our country.

She has helped create opportunity zones, talk with Governors, creating adult vocational programs to fill the need for skilled labor, that by the way are high paying jobs!

Ever meet a poor plumber?  Don’t go to McDonald’s, and vocational programs are your way out of poverty!


Going to College isn’t for everyone, and loans to be paid back may take a lifetime.


Some people are worth defending, and Ivanka is one on my list. Put her on your list too.

The critics like the mayor of Chicago should hang her head in shame over her shoot em up city. Protect the innocent people of Chicago!

aetrileaf tumblr ~ Smollett case Deep Dive

aetrileaf tumblr ~ Smollett case Deep Dive


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l2ZuUoBjUC4%5B/embedyt%5D

Here is another opinion into the Jussie Smollett case, sound familiar to amazing Polly, Sounds convincing to me!

We are pushing awareness do make sure these issues don’t go away.

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