5 kids found in crate attached to truck with no ventilation, water, AC, while temps neared 100 degrees


Patriot Hour – Are The Children Being Rescued?Choice To Know [PRAY]

Goose Bumps ladies and gentlemen!

Come to the lord and be bathed in the holy spirit.

It will bring you tears of joy as your sins are washed away by Jesus Christ our lord and savior 🥰

It’s okay to love God again. He has been by your side the entire time. Reach out to him.

DM reports: Remains of over 2,000 fetuses found in home of former Abortion doctor

That’s Sick! I do wonder how many he sold?

What could be the reasoning to preserve fetuses he had killed?  Mass murderer!

I understand the girl’s being raped by uncle’s, but it should have been reported and the child removed from the situation.

You are not giving pain medication because a patient can’t afford it! You have no idea how much that hurts.


This is female reproductive rights? It’s cruel and inhumane! I don’t care what side of the issue you support but get mad. I know this bastard isn’t the only one that gives a choice for pain management with the procedure.  It should be included! I’ve taken friends to have this done, I know!


Isn’t Illinois the state that puts live babies from abortions in a comfort room to die? Shame on you!


Dear heavenly father, I cry for the souls you sent to earth to only be destroyed by greedy doctors and asinine men.  Please forgive us. Amen 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

I have to admit that I’m with him


I strongly disagree with some of Trump’s tweets. I think they are harsh and offensive but I gotta admit he’s right on many things including immigration!

During the second Dem. debate, Bernie was talking about how much we need to help such countries as El Salvador and Guatemala. We need to send them more money to those countries, so they can improve their living conditions. I have two questions.

1. How about to improve living conditions here at home?

2. How much money do we need to send to improve people’s lives in Central America?

I will tell you that no money will help those people unless they change their governments. The governments of Central America are deeply corrupt. Money gets stolen from poor people. They must fight corruption and poverty. Our immigration system needs to be fixed.

Those justice warriors who think open borders are a great idea reminds climate change activists /rich people who fly private jets all over the world and lecture the rest of us on the importance of changing our lifestyle to fight climate change/

Perfect timing anon and this is from the Daily Mail, not Fox. This is what our border patrol has to deal with daily.  They were hired to follow the law.  Nobody was making up this up, and many are using children to cross the border, whether it be to come to the US or sell the child on the black market. The border is lined with Pedophiles.


Our President is a bit blunt at times, but there are reasons why he does it, so you do have to wait a couple of days for all to be revealed.  Prime Example is Baltimore, calling out Cummings over a tweet he picked up and posted.  Good for him and now something going to get done.


Trump is an equal opportunity offender. Thanks to God he is, if you’re going lobbed bombs at him, you better make sure your house is an order.


The triangle is a disaster! I recently posted that the presidents apologized to us and they are going to try, yadda yadda yadda.


A family member is married to a Guatemalan, and she traveled for a wedding in June, and it was beautiful.   They are from a middle-class family living in a lovely condo.  Okay, but many live in gang-ridden areas.  That is the problem.


Then we have outsiders teaching these people how to migrate that is being funding by not so friendly people with an agenda to ruin our economy.  They think moving these poor people will get them elected and change the districting. Call me crazy, but I think that’s against the law. The Dems are dumb, and most Latinos vote republican.



Will the politicians do something? Get rid of the gangs, and that will solve many problems. Drugs are rampant on the move to the US, whether they get here by drug mule or by submarine or cargo ship. We never won the war on drugs.



We made an enormous bust of the tonnage of cocaine at the port. As long as that problem exists, then we will keep seeing these people come.



Trump’s administration was smart and the flow is down with Mexico help, for how long I don’t know.  Moving asylum to their country is going to save thousands of lives. That’s the most humanitarian act yet. Don’t listen to out of touch democrats.  I’m done with them



I posted a picture of mothers that haven’t heard from their sons that migrated to the US, anything can and will happen on the 8,000-mile journey. It must be devasting to lose a son.



What mother sells her child to a stranger?  Kidnapping and traffickers for the pedophiles is the biggest concern, and I applaud the daily mail for being brave enough to post this. MSM won’t talk about it, and it hurts their narrative.


Thank you for your opinion. Anon, much is at stake. God bless America, keep praying 🌸😎💋🙏🏼

Fox News video House Committee holds hearing on treatment of migrant children

Fox News video House Committee holds hearing on treatment of migrant children

The right has been asking for months for financial support and new asylum laws that would take 15 minutes of bi-partisanship legislation, and they still want to accuse and run the Trump administration through the wringer. Knock this shit off and help these people.

Accept and sign the asylum laws that immigrant will be heard in…

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MM’s Kid Act

MM’s Kid Act

Her interactions with kids have improved at first her discomfort around kids was so obvious now she is better at putting on a show. There are a series of pics from AUS or NZ where she actually forces a kid to dance with her and give her a hug. It is a video which was edited to exclude the icky part, and the anon found the full video which shows MM telling the kid to hug her. Pretty gruesome to do…

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