Anon Said: Sussex Christmas Card- I think Meghan’s friend should look for a new job

I think Meghan’s friend should look for a new job, she’s not good at taking pictures.

“The sweet snapshot was taken by Meghan’s friend Janina Gavankar, who recently appeared on The Morning Show alongside Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, her rep confirmed to PEOPLE.”

LMAO, really? It’s photoshopped


Anon Said: Christmas Card Staged

It really does feel like it is a weird staged photo. More interestingly, it feels like Meghan and Harry’s head have been taken from another photo, and why on earth does she appear crystal clear and harry is blurred? Such a creepy pic! Why can’t they just produce a normal royal type card? No, Meghan’s face is bright and clear, while Harry’s is blurred. It’s all about narcissist and attention seeker Meghan again.


We kept bitching about it, that’s why.  Meghan didn’t disappoint with her photoshopping skills, or I should say her friend skills.  You have to admire her hustle.  She such a smack ass. Good blind coming up. 

Thank You, Anon, 🎄

Harry and Meghan STOP fans from seeing tagged photos of them on IG

Harry and Meghan STOP fans seeing tagged photos of them on Instagram – so, is it an attempt to prevent their Christmas card leaking and maintain privacy on their six-week break?

That makes no sense at all!  I think it’s to stop people from posting any pictures of them in Toronto and giving away their location.  I have a hunch that Harry never went with her.  The baby is in London.  Its a hunch.  JD 🥰

Anon said: Meghan and Harry’s Christmas Card

You know exactly that Meghan will publish the card when another royal is in the news and Meghan wants all the attention on her again. And of course she will do something “unique” for the card so that her (American) fans are praising her and so on.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex Christmas card still being finalised

It’s December 19th! If you don’t have one out by now, you don’t have a Christmas card!  It will be out on her IG account. Some lame excuse about the paper.

Cambridge Christmas Card

A classic Cambridge Christmas: Kate Middleton and Prince William pose on a vintage motorbike with Louis as George and Charlotte perch on the sidecar for the family’s 2019 festive card

LATTE! The Sussex Christmas Card

LATTE! The Sussex Christmas Card

lattedahlattedah submitted:

The Sussex Christmas card

When I look at the card, I do not see “ Hollywood “ or “ the loved-up couple turning their backs to shut out the world.“ I see “ the end.“ I think if left up to MM .. with her delusions that the world revolves around her … I think their card would have shown a “ loved-up couple, “ and the “ bump “ would have been obvious I expected to…

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Daily Mail ~Sam Markle snipes H & MM Christmas Card

Daily Mail ~Sam Markle snipes H & MM Christmas Card

Samantha Markle accused people who critised her of 'brown nosing' the Duke and Duchess of Sussedx

Samantha Markle has launched a series of verbal attacks on her sister since she was not invited to the Royal Wedding earlier this year.

Geez, it wasn’t just Sam that didn’t get invited was the entire family  You can’t get through to a NARC anyway.  Her father heart is broken. …

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That’s one way to look at it

That’s one way to look at it

Anonymous said:
JD, that PH/MM Christmas card gives off such emotional darkness. My first impression is of warfare, military explosions to be exact. It might not have looked like that in color. But wow.
That’s one way to look at it, LOL  That’s not a Christmas card, that’s a  rub your nose in it, haha and you paid for it.  It’s to close to the first marriage picture she sent out that makes it…

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