Climate change: The rich are to blame, international study finds


Prince Harry reveals his agony about Megxit in phone call with fake Greta Thunberg as he tells Russian hoaxers ‘we are completely separate from the majority of my family’ and slams ‘sick’ world leaders over climate change

  • Prince Harry spoke with a pair of Russian YouTube stars from his Canada home
  • He was convinced he was speaking to Greta Thunberg and her father Svante
  • Instead he was talking to Russians Alexei Stolyarov and Vladimir Kuznetsov 
  • The pair had previously pranked Elton John and Democrat Bernie Sanders 
  • Prince Harry told them life was ‘much better’ since he and Meghan left the royals 
  • He added that he was ‘more normal than my family would like to believe’ and had chosen to withdraw to ‘protect my son’
  • He also hit out world leaders over climate change and at the tabloid press

Harry on Donald Trump

‘The mere fact that Donald Trump is pushing the coal industry is so big in America, he has blood on his hands.

‘Trump will want to meet you to make him look better but he won’t want to have a discussion about climate change with you because you will outsmart him.’

On Megxit

‘I can assure you, marrying a prince or princess is not all it’s made up to be. There’s lots of layers to it and lots of pieces to the puzzle. Sometimes the right decision isn’t always the easy one, but it was the right decision for our family.

‘I think there’s a hell of a lot of people around the world that can identify and respect us for putting our family first. It’s a tricky one, but we will start a new life.’

On the climate

‘Unfortunately, the world is being led by some very sick people, so people like yourselves and (the) younger generation are the ones that are going to make all the difference.

‘People need to be woken up and the only way to wake people up from what effectively is a consciousness crisis is, I think, you need to be doing extreme things.

‘What you need to do is make real big changes that actually shock people, and it’s that shock factor that wakes people up.’

On Prince Andrew

‘I have very little to say on that. But whatever he has done or hasn’t done, is completely separate from me and my wife. We operate in a way of inclusivity and we are focusing on community. We are completely separate from the majority of my family.’

On himself

‘I was in the military for ten years, so I’m more normal than my family would like to believe.’

On Boris Johnson

‘He is a good man, so you are one of few people who can reach into his soul and get him to feel and believe in you. But you have to understand that because he has been around for so long like all of these other people, they are already set in their ways.’

On the Election

‘The fact that our choice was between those two individuals in my mind, I think, probably creates more of an observation that the system itself might be broken. There’s a lot that the leaders of today can learn and can listen to people like yourself.’

On using private jets

‘Unfortunately, there is very few alternatives. We have to fly on commercial planes all over the world. Nowhere near as much as most people who do it for a night or weekends. Certainly for my family, to protect my family, from these people, as you can well understand.’

On tabloid media

‘What they don’t understand is the battle we are fighting against them is far more than just us.’


Extreme Cold “Bottomed Out The Mercury” At -50C (Or More) In Chilcotin, B.C.

“Jennifer Toland has said she will be investing in a new thermometer that reads to -60C”


British Columbia Ski Resort Celebrates Record Snowpack — “A Season For The Books”


Record Snowfall Buried Many Regions Of North America Over The (Last) Weekend [Not Just Newfoundland]


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Prince Charles took three flights on private jets and a helicopter before meeting the activist Greta Thunberg

Prince Charles flew 16,000 miles in just 11 days using three private jets and one helicopter before proudly posing with Greta Thunberg in Davos


Prince Charles was last night facing embarrassment after taking a series of private jet flights while lecturing world leaders about climate change.

On a trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, the Prince met activist Greta Thunberg and pointedly used an electric Jaguar executive car to travel through the Alps to the Swiss ski resort.

But The Mail on Sunday can reveal that in the 11 days before his high-profile appearance, Charles took three flights on private jets and one on a helicopter. After his impassioned speech last Wednesday, during which he urged world leaders to take ‘bold and imaginative action’ to solve the environmental crisis, he took a fourth private jet from Switzerland to Israel.

Taking into account an additional five so-called ‘empty-leg’ flights required to collect the Prince, his private jet and helicopter travel totalled more than 16,000 miles in less than a fortnight at an estimated cost to the taxpayer of £280,000.

Anon said: Silly William

Prince William holds climate change talks with two very special advisers… Bill Gates and Hillary Clinton

Written by Charlotte Wace, 🤣🤣 A Meghan Markle flunky!

What can be done about climate change, global warming or whatever they are calling this year?  Nothing!

El Nino and La Nino it’s been around since the dawn of times!  When it got cold they changed it to climate change from Global warming.  It’s a huge scam to make money and put it in the hands of the elites.

Remember I talked about REM, rare earth minerals or rare earth elements REE?  They have to tear up the earth, knockdown the ancient forests to get it.

Who stands to make out from this? Communist China

They are too stupid to see it!

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Sky News AUS- Many are using international climate summit to preen moral values

Wake up! You being taken for a ride for greed! That’s right, money! They want to tax you death and pocketed the rest. It’s a scam of epic proportions!

We have la Nino and el Nino that’s it! Now, the earth is in a cooling zone, as many can attest to in the northeast. Watch my video on Dr. Willie Soon, a lead climatologist tells you that this is fake, a fraud and that carbon emission would only help earthlings.

Yes, we should be good stewards to our planet, but it’s not in any crisis mode. Look at Obama’s Solange project, he took taxpayers dollars to fund them, and they went bankrupt.  It’s a very polluting process to make solar energy panels, as I have shown through the kitty links.

I do suspect China for doing all of this.

More on the Anthropogenic Global Warming Scam- Kitty links!

Global Warming is Undermined by New Discoveries

Only a few links here JD but very significant. Thought you may like this one!
This research will never be spoken of or published in the mainstream or available in the news because it debunks the doctrine that we are doomed!
I used the word doctrine deliberately because AGW has become a religion with its converts having a quasi-religious experience every time it is mentioned.

Is the climate change movement a ‘cult’?

Here is an idea for solving the problem of AGW.
Magnus Söderland Behavioural Scientist and Marketing Strategist from Stockholm University believes to save the planet we must put aside our taboos regarding cannibalism and open our minds to eating human flesh (in this case corpses) .
As a behavioral scientist, he feels we can be “tricked ” into accepting the unacceptable.
Remember Richard Thaler ‘s “Nudge “

Another disturbing example of the insanity of the scientific community pushing us towards a dystopian future.

Predictive Programming?
Interesting documentary.

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Another great post that debunks Global Warming/Climate change!

We need to be good stewards to our planet but the idiocy is running rampant. The New Woke agenda has become laughable with hypocrisy against US vs. Them.

News flash morons we put on trouser the same way you do.  What is this all for? To scare the britches off you? Scam you for faux carbon credits? It’s always about money.

Kitty proves once again that the new cult of climate lunacy is fake AF.

Thank you, Kitty, it is always a pleasure to dive into rabbit holes with you! 🌸😎😘💋

Climate Change . An Inconvenient Truth or the Truth is Inconvenient

This is the trailer for what is regarded by some as being the definitive documentary on Climate Change.
Released in September 2006 in the UK, the documentary (based on his book of the same name) an Inconvenient Truth won ex-Vice President Al Gore the Nobel Peace, with the documentary itself receiving an Oscar.


The entire premise of AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) or man-made Climate Change was based on Michael Mann’s controversial Hockey Stick Graph.


During the hysteria of Climate Change, my very young children were to be forced to watch this documentary. I was told it was mandatory and there would be” consequences ” if I removed them. Of course, I did not allow them to attend the viewing of this documentary.
Nothing happened. I knew immediately this was an agenda someone was making money from and my children needed to be” on board ” with the agenda.


Below are some of the thousands of rebuttals of what is regarded as not only” unsettled science” but as a cynical tax scam and opportunity for the followers of this new religion to make huge amounts of money at the expense of not only you and me but entire continents.

Climate Fraud Exposed: CO2 doesn’t rise up, trap and retain heat

Always ask the question:” and what’s in it for you”?


And, as always, it seems money and power is the motive for what may just be the biggest scam ever!


A very interesting website run by scientists. Lots of information and a must-read.

‘Climate Emergency’: Ireland Set to Ban Private Cars While Planning Mass Third World Migration

An example of how so-called ” Climate Change ” will be involved in the implementation of the UN Agenda 30.
Everything’s Connected!

Because they Can.

Excellent Article on why climate change is so important to the so-called Global Elite.
There are deeply rooted sociological and cultural reasons for this behaviour that are reflective of our increasingly secular society.
With references to the Roman Empire and Christianity, this article explains the idea of what is considered to be virtuous and how we as a society regard ourselves.
Everything is connected and it seems nothing changes!

Starting the Conversation JD!
Kitty ❤❤❤


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Thank you, Kitty, I love this and I think it does deserve discussion and stop acting like the sky is falling in 12 years! It’s crazy! No personal vehicles in Ireland?  No cows they fart, no trains, buses or airplanes?? It’s insanity and it’s about time this BS narrative gets blown to bits!

It’s a giant scam for Money that doesn’t benefit the public one bit.

Climate Change- Fact or Fiction- Let’s have the conversation

All reports do seem like they want the population to stop growing and die, holy wars, division, do away with the middle classes. Go back to being poor and super-rich. Sounds Evil and dastardly, doesn’t it? They are the true racist which if you are researching day and night like I do the elite don’t want POC either.

You get Roe vs Wade but individual states have the rights to determine when you can get an abortion.

Places like NY and Virginia saying you have the right to kill your baby in the third trimester is unconscionable. Like Kitty’s been saying everything is connected with the global elite down to their walnut sauce.

Follow the research people and start speaking out against this.

JD 🌸😎😘 I appreciate everyone’s prayers, now we have to pray for the east coast and my old home town of Myrtle Beach, SC. We never know where the storm is going to land. Charlie comes to mind, follow