Operation Mockingbird, CIA Media Control Program

This article comes from my friend Aeltrileaf on tumblr. Tiffany FitzHenry is an excellent researcher, and you can follow her on her website or follow her on Twitter.


The video I found was most impressive, and it still applies today, but where is this fake news really coming from?


We have Jake Tapper and Kirsten Gillibrand texting Evergreen, the code name for Hillary R Clinton.


Patrick Howley- Epoch Times Reporter on Child Abuse, NXIVM, Gillibrand, Clinton

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Even CNN and MSNBC stopped talking about the Russian collusion. They know they lied to the public.

I don’t know if you post it or not, but it’s not even funny anymore.


Some still have a hard time to face the truth. The unverified Steele dossier was purchased by whom? By HRC. It turned out to be a piece of garbage.


They tried to do anything and everything possible to take down Trump. If they had any proof of DT “being a Russian spy,” they would have impeached him a long time ago.


After the Mueller testimony, it became clear that he didn’t even write the report. He didn’t know what was in it. Who wrote it? Allegedly, Andrew W. /Hillary’s friend/.


The Durham investigation will eventually give us the answer. The FISA report is coming out in a week or so. Were all 4 FISA warrants obtained illegally based on the garbage Steele dossier? It seems like it. What the heck does it mean? It means that there is never any evidence that Trump ever colluded with a foreign gov.


The Comey report went out, and what we learned? He totally mishandled DT’s case. Just like he mishandled HC’s emails three years ago …


As soon as Trump won the election, the very powerful people realized he had gotten unlimited access to classified information. It terrified them.


In 2015 he made it clear if the Epstein case is unsealed, certain politicians will get in big trouble. Well, I guess he was right. Allegedly, Bill Clinton and Bill Richardson visited the Epstein ranch in New Mexico (and not once) … We don’t still know much, but we will learn a lot of details in the coming months.


Dan Bongino /a former secret service guy/ has sources that told him that BC’s behavior on Epstein’s plane was inappropriate at best and criminal at worst. He doesn’t share any more info with the public since the investigation took place.


Thank you anon, well stated, and you know I love the Dan Bongino Show. I’d imagine Dan doesn’t want to end up in front of Congressional judicial committee, cause it’s a war zone there with zero bi-partisanship.


The Dems have tripled down on their desperation, and they will do what it takes to try to take down this duly elected president.  😎😘🌸

God bless America, TRUMP 2020

Anon submits: DM- Two directors quit their roles

Two directors at Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s new charity foundation quit their roles – including one poached from Prince William and Kate Middleton just weeks ago.


The talk of the web last week was that Sara Latham resigned, I’m glad to see it legitimized in the press. The dastardly duo is out of touch with their role as working royals. Harry Markle and his wife Meghan are delusional to think it’s everyone’s else fault, lousy press, RACIST to question their hypocrisy.


Their elitism isn’t reality-based, it may have sounded like a good idea, but we’ve watched MM over the years copy off of others. Did you notice that a bunch of people worked for Bill and Hill than the Sussex’s? Meghan’s been blasting the Hillary/Soros narrative since she invaded the Royal world.


Paddy Iverson was Prince Charles go-to guy to make Camilla look good at the expense of the boys. That’s where Heather Wong came from, but I was surprised to learn she worked for the Clinton’s! Every so slowly the Royals are being overrun with leftist American politics. The Woke state of BS, none of it’s true. I refer you back to the Kitty Links and our posts on global warming/climate change as a massive hoax to collect a carbon tax.


We bloggers can keep jumping up and down to get the attention of the press to blast this narrative into the next century as Bogus, and I wish someone would do this NOW!  I’m serious, and it’s not a conspiracy theory anymore!


Thank you anon, God bless America and the United Kingdom, 🌸😎😘

Graham has seen the report? Just curious?

The Washington Examiner
Sunday, August 18, 2019
Lindsey Graham says Horowitz FISA report will be ‘ugly and damning’ for DOJ

He predicts what we already know, illegal FISA warrants based on a salacious Steele Dossier that was paid for by Hillary Clinton, The DNC and Fusion GPS.  It’s illegal to spy on American citizens so you get another country to do it for you.


Steele hated Trump and agreed to go along with the scam.  What I gather he is a spy for the integrity initiative MI6 with a shady background.


Thank you anon  for your ask, God Bless America and the UK , 🌸😎

Joe M @StormIsUponUs- watch who you follow


I did have one claiming Qanon was a  fiction, not so #WWG1WGA

Leaked email: talking points for the left against President Donald Trump! Important, read this!

1.) The very first bulletin in the leaked email is to remind people of allegations against President Trump. Yet nothing, of course, is said about Bill Clinton who rode on Epstein’s “Lolita Express” 27 times to Orgy Island..

This is absolutely sickening, and that’s why we felt the need to show you this.

The research shows the mainstream media is in the pocket of the elites and the Deep state.  Are they doing this as sort some delusional patriotism or they just being paid? I wait for that proof. That will blow them to pieces.  The country knows something is amiss with the media.


CNN is hate-filled racist shame on you for liking Trump. MSDNC is a straight-up fairy tales show. I’m waiting for unicorns to appear on news desks to tell you the world is ending in 12 years because you haven’t done your part!  If that’s the case, we should party like it’s 1999.  The rest of the MSM numbskulls better dropped the hate quickly because the Michael Horowitz is up to bat with the warrant investigation.


Sean Hannity nailed it with the partially unredacted memo proving that Hillary Clinton along with the DNC and GPS Fusion started this fairy tale of horrors against the We the people and the duly elected president of these United States!