MM still looks the same without the hideous cape

actually, if you look at her on the balcony when she shed the bulky shapeless coat she was merching she looks pretty much the same. The severe hairstyle perhaps contributes to the impression her face is bloated. But her arms are still thin. And in the sheath dress on the balcony, she looks the same. I think she has left over clothes to merch from the pregnancy period which she did not get to show because her events were canceled. That coat she wore today was baggy and shapeless for a pregnant woman. Once she took it off she has on a very inexpensive dress ($50 supposedly on the MM site).

But compare this to her efforts last summer at both TTC and the garden party. She isn’t getting the clothes anymore.

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Meghan needs serious help with Hats, the tight bun is not her style.  I know of no cancellations, they said that will be all she is on maternity leave.  Doesn’t matter anyway she did plenty during her downtime. She needs to stay away from these dark colors and give in once in a while.  She will be here for a while as I’ve stated before.

Thank you anon, 🌸😎



People have the right to criticize their representative in democratic world

If KP, I guess through that press secretary guy, and Meghan are forcing people to respect and like Meghan, it’s not going to work!!! If anything, it will cause more anger from people who are forced to endure her behaviour and spending, which, in the long run, could cause a referendum. Guess what Meghan, and guess what press secretary, you can NOT force people to like other people. Respect is EARNED. Get Meghan to stop spending, and get HER to treat people with respect. That’s how it works!!
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Who likes to eat dirt sandwiches?  I don’t, and I hate having one forced down my throat!  The worst part is her pseudo mumbo jumbo feminist yachter bullshit, and half the world knows she is wearing prosthetics.  I agree with you and you do as I say,  not as I do!
Everyone is welcome here, I may not like what you say, but I will go to war for your right to say it!
I won’t be a grammar nazi, half of the people are on cell phones.  We can figure it out together.   I literally in tears.
We are deeply disappointed with this decision to defraud the people of the UK.  MM is getting paid to wear these clothes.  I want to know is she still sending Clarence House the bill?  Double dipping.
Thank you, anon 🌸😎JD

Ko~ on Meghan Tax Issues

Ko~ on Meghan Tax Issues

Anonymous said:
Hi JD, Ko again. Thanks for posting my ask on surrogacy. Just want to clarify that I have not ruled out that option as MM’s dangerous cunning knows no limit and I do not put anything past her. Meanwhile, will the announced shift to Frogmore help reduce PH’s tax liabilities in the US? And wrt tax, what is the status of items in kind (jewelry, clothes, etc. and so no cash…

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Ko~ on Meghan Tax Issues

Hi JD, Ko again. Thanks for posting my ask on surrogacy. Just want to clarify that I have not ruled out that option as MM’s dangerous cunning knows no limit and I do not put anything past her. Meanwhile, will the announced shift to Frogmore help reduce PH’s tax liabilities in the US? And wrt tax, what is the status of items in kind (jewelry, clothes, etc. and so no cash transactions) shipped via JM and difficult to track online? Any info on tax liabilities of the 75 K dress, Birks, etc.? Tks.
Absolutely, Yes!  Anything they receive from Prince Charles is considered taxable for  MM, not Harry. They may have received wedding presents that have value. If Harry gifts her items say Cartier Bracelets there is a gift tax that must be paid to two countries. It’s getting really complicated, real fast.  The rent that’s paid for them is considered income if they pay her tax burden, it’s income. Security, OMG 🙀
There is the blind that says that they billed Prince Charles and split the difference. That is allegedly in a joint account in Toronto. That’s about a half a million; they charge this man full price. MM should go to jail for that one.
My birdies told me she is flat broke, and Harry can’t afford a sandwich. If MM doesn’t get out there to merch, there won’t be any money coming to pay for PR.  This is my feeling; I think that KP has paid her PR bill and heads are about to roll.
Thank you, KO 🌸🌸😎

Spending Money

Vin he isn’t spending anything on her clothes – it is all merch all free and most are loaners that are returned. The hole in his shoe is typical slob Harry.




No i know that… lol


i meant before they get dental work done they will spend on other crap, and PR teams lol




Looks From The Tour

Well done collection of the hideous amount of money spent on those outfits I’d like to forget. Having said that, the chronicle from day one till the end and her changing body was interesting. If you look she actually has more deflated bump toward the end, like she got tired of selling the bump clothing.


How true anon, I had to grab that from tumblr, it’s excellent summation of the personal appearance of  Meghan Markle.  The Duchess discredits herself, and the accounts of her Diva Attitude are amazing. Nobody likes to make comparisons but Kate has never had a complaint like that.

Good Lord! Throwing hissy fits and being demanding like that. Poor Prince Harry was apologizing, the poor lad, what he must endure at home. I don’t know anon; I think this marriage could have waited to see if she were truly fit for the job. It’s not for everyone; it’s more of a calling.

I’m not psychic, but I think we might see some cracks happening.


Thank you anon🌸🌸😎


ROTORUA, NEW ZEALAND – OCTOBER 31: (UK OUT FOR 28 DAYS) Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex visit the National Kiwi Hatchery at Rainbow Springs on October 31, 2018 in Rotorua, New Zealand. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are on their official 16-day Autumn tour visiting cities in Australia, Fiji, Tonga and New Zealand. (Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage)

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Anon Time!! If the BRF knew in advance they would have

If she would have told BRF about her pregnancy in advance they would have buy her new maternity cloth. Now it’s very obvious that they were not part of her stuff your cloth to look pregnant plan. Clearly out of mind.
Thank you anon, they sure would have, they would have made her stay home too. 🌸🌸😎

Beautiful People in Fiji.

Those dresses the women are wearing in Fiji are gorgeous! I especially like the blue one worn by the woman escorting PH and MM in the picture attached to the post ‘The SoHo Anon” and another blue one worn by the woman in the picture attached to the post “MM won’t be attending the Polish state visit”. Both women are stunningly beautiful as well. Fiji is full of beautiful people. I am seeing them in every picture of PH and sourface. I wonder if the women would mind if I made their dresses for myself for smart summer wear, or would that be cultural appropriation?

I think celebrating another culture is wonderful! I say be inspired and go for it. The whole point of these royal visits is about highlighting the countries, for tourism, business, culture, understanding in the least political way. Tell your story through clothing.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎